Banalata Sen of Natore

This is a humble translation of Jibananada Das’ Banalata Sen.Since translation is a very precarious work,your view might differ from mine and you might not agree with the reproduced text and I respect it but that doesn’t mean I am wrong.Do go through it

Banalata Sen Of Natore

I have traversed these paths for thousand years,

From the sea of Ceylon in the dark of night to the sea of Malaya

I have travelled a lot,the ashy world of Ashoka-Bimbisara,

And yet further ahead,

To the murky conurbation of Vidharbha;

Around me life foams its tempestuous breath.

Weary of soul,

I found a moment of bliss in her company –

The ecstasy with the Banalata Sen of Natore.

Her tresses are the ancient darkness of Vidisha,

Her face a sculpture from Sravasthi.

A sailor in far-away oceans, rudderless, lost,

When hooves into view

Green grass through island of cinnamon,

What a great relief

So she felt to me.

In that deep dark she asked –

where have you been..through all these years?

Her eyebrows arched like the elevated wings of a bird

She is my Banalata Sen of Natore.

At the day’s end just like the sound of dew drops

The evening arrives,the eagle swipe away the essence of sunlight

When all the light of the earth fades out,the manuscript begins it journey

Then the burning fireflies illuminate thy story

All the birds returns,all the rivers end their journey,all of this life’s account gets over

Only the darkness prevails,as I am face to face with my Banalata Sen of Natore.


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