Clickospree 4

Too many memories,you were there before Skype...before sms and Whatsapp...those were the days of glory.So many stories around your oldschool ring tone .."Kring kring"...Time to say final goodbye ...Take care  Comrade.. Debraj Moulick


Clickospree 3

I was travelling with my friends from Mumbai towards India's Beach Paradise.If i stay in an A.C compartment for long hours,i feel claustrophic.So I got out..and while enjoying the scene..I asked my friend to give her phone..Results I got this one... Camera- Nokia N79


              Waiting For Weights I am just waiting for weights to come upon.I travel throughut the day..and also through the night..hardly I rest...hardly I imagine..I was born to bear the weights..That is it..This it.This is the story.                                          Photo courtesy-debraj moulick Debraj Moulick