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The Most Awaited Book, “Ending – New Beginning” is ready for Pre-orders.

Common Readers, shower you love on the contributing authors of the book.
InkQuills Publishing House

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Amazon India: http://amzn.to/2BZwbuF
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A Close Look

This lousy blogger is going to be a part of an anthology entitled Ending-New Beginning.  The anthology has been edited by the talented persona Ravina Kaniyawala and it boasts an impressive (I’m not counting mine, though ) collection of short stories and poems. The entries were chosen through a nationwide competition organised by the same publishing agency, InkQuills Publishing House.

This Pune based publishing house comprises a team of passionate youngsters like Abhisar Garg, Ravina Kaniyawala, Aditi Shrivastava and few more. Do check out the varieties of short stories and poems in the anthology which speaks about an ending to a new beginning and the other way round. The book is going to be released soon …..

Vraj Kaniyawala has been credited with a simple yet outstanding cover design of Ending-New Beginning. Check this out :




You will come across some write-ups with optimistic point of views and some pessimistic views about life.One of the best thing about the anthology is that the theme is intriguing and doesn’t stick to the same ghisapita romance of other Indie anthologies. The contributing authors and poets are as follows :


pjimage (2)pjimage (1)

Bhai bhi hain na 😛 pjimage (4)

Stay tuned for updates and the pre-order is going to start very soon. Will provide the buying link on my blog , facebook , twitter and other social media. You are free to criticise my writing . 😀

Now the people who made this one possible. Keep it up guys…Loved the interview Aditi.

pjimage (5)
Top Left – Abhisar , Ravina Aditi  and Vraj


The Pre-Order is on..

I know you people are very rich ..so don’t be a miser and order the book

The buying link is here

Amazon India: http://amzn.to/2BZwbuF
Only Book Shop: https://goo.gl/S8Zxzp

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