Shahar , A Video-Hindi Poem




Shahar (Hindi )

Tum unko gandi nazar se dekhte ho,
Tum unke jism ko noch khate ho,
Insaaniyat ko apne hawas ka shikar banate ho,

Aur badnaam hota hain shahar.

Satta ki aad main loot machatey ho,
San Unisho Churasi mein ek kom ke upar purey tarikey se dehshat macahtey ho,
Aur fir use dange ka naam dete ho,

Phir bhi badnaam hota hain shahar.

Odd even se tum nafrat karte ho,
Baap ka paisey jalate ho,
Patake gawaaro ki tarah fodte rehte ho,

Aur badnaam hota hain shahar.

Yamuna me saari gandegi visarjit karte ho,
Bridge ke upar, gaadi rok kar , bhari hui thaili nichey fekte ho
Phir ghar jake lappy kholkar  hashtag  Swach Bharat manate ho,

Par badnaam hota hain shahar.

Tum saare kehte ho na ,Raj path mein sab daaku baaste hai,

Aur Bambayi se accha abhineta toh saarey sansad mein bastey hain.

Gussa social media pe zaahir karte ho,

Aur jaab , apni aabru bachani ho , Police ko Baap ki hool dete ho


Lekin badnaam hota hai Shahar

Video Courtesy – Inkstation , Navi Mumbai.


The BedTime Story

I estate myself  over here,in my chaotic bed,

The bedsheet seems to be murky one,

Once it was as pure as dove, now spluttered with blue, black and drops of red.

The incorruptibility seems to diminish, I lay upon my bed.

I repose over here in my ecstatic bed,

I partake over here.

This is the place where I fantasize,

My bed is the substratum of my occurrence,

The sole reason of my cerebral sustenance,

I sit here to chase a dream,

To analyze my moves,

To make an intellectual scheme,

I ,the Tangible Me occur in my bed.

This is the evidence of my enigmatic lust

The nightly desire reaches its fate over here,

I release my pearl white stream over there.

I sit in my bean, only to get back over there.

Ah,there lies my cot.

The soiled bolster and the worn out paillasse

They are the dream broods of my crib.

The bed carries the encumbrance of my existence.

But one day I will doom you,

But that day is too far,

Let’s not think about that big ruthless day,

Let us keep all those parting words at bay,

I am eager to pounce upon you,

Now seduce me to sommeil,oh my dear bed.

there lies the bed
there lies the bed


Disclaimer : All images have been taken from the internet. 😛



I ask you ,”why do you live in fear?”
Why you are full of pain and tear
Throttle your fear,wipe out your tear
Because fear and tear is the sign of fragileness
Hey you,rise above all this,be brave,show some boldness
Do you call this life
Where there is no quest for knowledge
No vigour for triumph.
Don’t be emotional,be a pragmatic
No one is your friend ,no is your Foe
Recognize yourself from top to toe
Don’t surrender your conscience,your pride
Life always varies,full of high and low tide
Kalam said,’we are all born with divine fire’
Get up,show your Zeal,’Give wings to the Fire’.
Decipher  the Bhagvat,which will invoke your Might
It will make you analyse about the wrong and the right
Don’t sqander your birth,don’t act idiotic
You ,you should be determined,you are ought to be emphatic
About  your work,about your goal
Fight like brave Abhimanyu,to the dust,with your heart and soul
You are the Mahabahu,you are the Anantajit
Courage is your teacher,fierceness is your spirit.
                                      Debraj Moulick
mahabahu- (He whose arms are mighty)-anodr name of Arjun
Anantajit-the unconquerable-anodr name of lord Krishna
Abhimany-son of arjun,who fought the kauravas,inside chakravyu
Kalam-Former president of India,used the quoted line in his autobiography-“wings of fire”                    image-from Internet,by Keith Richardson..



What is viability
A bubble in the ocean of infinity
Who is an human
A tear drop in the eye of humanity
What is madness
A thin border between excitement and insanity
What is religion
A set of rules to save mankind from extermination
What is law
A book of maxims against boisterism
What is life
It is human existence
Who is an Human..
It is he who have some madness
It is he who obeys some laws
It is he who follows some religion
It is he who break rules to make another .

Debraj Moulick