Yeh Aashiqui- Short Film; An Official Review



Pratyusha – Main Female Lead
Saikat Das – Main Male Lead
Om – Son of Saikat and Pratyusha
Anindita Dutta – Friend of Pratyusha
Purbasha Maity – Friend of OM
The Team
Musical Team
Other Technical Team


The Film Craft

I never review a book or a movie unless and until I’m impressed by the art in totality. So yes, I enjoyed watching Arijit Mukherjee, Yeh Aashiqui. One of the most important aspects of Yeh Aashiqui is the relevance to the modern world. Art cannot be created in isolation to the present society, well some choose to ignore it, they are free to do it. But Mr.Mukherjee has chosen to work on the social aspects like the loneliness of a kid in a metropolitan(Rony), Suicidal tendencies( Life) among others. This time he ventured into the loneliness of an urban house-wife. We are the generation who are glued to the social media and in the process, we chose to ignore our near and dear ones in the vicinity. Social media has killed the distances and somewhere down the lane, it is creating tensed situations between two individuals. The story is predictable and that is where Arijit Mukherjee wins as a director, he knows how to narrate a story which is already predictable to the audience. I will give a thumbs up to the neat execution of the film.



Arijit Mukherjee has been technically well groomed with other aspects of the filmmaking, thus there were brilliant close up shots, the juxtaposition of black & white along with coloured sequences. Cinema is a big canvas and the painting has been neatly painted over here. Thus, full marks to Bappa Dasgupta(Cinematographer) and Tamal Chakraborty( Editor) for your contribution to Yeh Aashiqui.

The little protagonist of Rony is back in this venture and he is very promising over here. You have a long way to go. He knows how to emote without dialogues. Om, keep it up. Saikat Das gives a clean performance as a dutiful husband and doting father. He keeps it real over here. He is careful and rude, he has both the sides. The script did not glorify him, instead, it showed both the negative and positive aspects of man dwindling between office and home. He is the most powerful character of the film.

Pratyusha’s portrayal as the lonely wife looks commendable. She excelled in the close-up shots and dialogue delivery technique has been very confusing. She is lonely , she is very confused and the dialogue delivery has been blended well with the confused state of mind. Confusion has been beautifully dealt by the female lead.

You know what ? Loyalty is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I loved the climax. Thankfully, the film does not preach, instead, it shows what is happening and offers a solution.  Yeh Aashiqui is a noble film, go to Arijit Official Youtube Channel and watch it.

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The Climax has been beautifully handled.

Direction, Editing, Cinematography..loved them

Good usage of background score.

Relevant social subject.

Commendable supporting cast.


The opening song could have been shorter in length.


Ratings – 8/10


This is an official review of the movie and I’ve received the permission to do so.


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Yeh Aashiqui – A Quick View

Today’s technology has developed outstandingly for the continuously growing mankind.
If any person is sitting in any corner of the world can easily communicate with other people through the WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or e-mail.
It is very easy to facilitate the communication system, but the collapse of the complexity between peoples is now stuck in the hand of those apps, also the maternal mortgage documents have come with the minimal use of paper due to this development in technology.
In a word, the technology has created an ever-growing revolution in the continuous advancement of the communication system and in the different types of businesses.
Technology has brought people’s daily life to the wonderful changes and geographical distances. Now there is no real interaction between peoples only virtual, in the context of interaction with one another, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger have come with many variations of traditional life.
Today people have learned about Social Media, but some peoples whose ideas for social media are totally wrong and they also defend to use social communication sites.
Unfortunately, some conservative people are using this social network to satisfy their distorted taste, especially in women’s case and as a result, some women keep themselves away from this “social media”.
This short-length film, the story of lonely lady “Trisha”, who forcefully get involved in Facebook by her husband to cut away her loneliness, but somehow Trisha was scared to get involved in those circles. But later she dared to come forward and relieved her loneliness by joining Facebook. And she begins to live happily married life with her husband SAIKAT by ending the misunderstanding and misconception between both of them.
প্রযুক্তি বিদ্যার আজ বিপুল প্রসার মানবজাতির কাছে এক যুগান্তরকারী ঘটনা। পৃথিবীর যে কোন কোণাতে বসেই একজন মানুষ আরেকজন মানুষের সাথে হোয়াটস অ্যাপ, ফেসবুক, ম্যাসেঞ্জার, ই-মেলের মাধ্যমে অতি সহজেই  যোগাযোগ করতে পারে। 
সহজ থেকে সহজতর হয়েছে যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থা, জটিলতার খোলসে আজ আর আটকে নেই ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য, পরিবেশ বান্ধব সফটওয়্যার নিয়ে এসেছে কাগজের ন্যূনতম ব্যবহার। এক কথায় বলতে গেলে, প্রযুক্তি বিদ্যার বিপুল অগ্রসর যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থায় এবং ব্যবসা বাণিজ্যে যুগান্তকারী বিপ্লব  ঘটিয়েছে।
প্রযুক্তি বিদ্যা মানুষের দৈনন্দিন জীবনে এনেছে বিস্ময়কর পরিবর্তন এবং ঘুচিয়েছে ভৌগোলিক দূরত্ব। এখন আর  অন্তরায় নয় একের সঙ্গে অপরের যোগাযোগের ক্ষেত্রে, গতানুগতিক জীবনে বৈচিত্র নিয়ে এসেছে হোয়াটস অ্যাপ, ফেসবুক ও ম্যাসেঞ্জার। অনেক অজানা তথ্য মানুষ আজ জানতে পারছে হোয়াইটস অ্যাপ, ফেসবুকের মাধ্যমে, অনেকাংশে মানুষের ভুল বোঝাবুঝির নিষ্পত্তি হয়ে যাচ্ছে এই সামাজিক যোগাযোগ রক্ষার মাধ্যমে যাকে ইংরাজি পরিভাষায় বলা হয় “সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া”।
দুর্ভাগ্যবশতঃ  কিছু সংখ্যক বিবেকবর্জিত মানুষ তাদের বিকৃত রুচির পরিতৃপ্তির জন্য এই সামাজিক যোগাযোগ রক্ষার মাধ্যম কে ব্যবহার করছে, বিশেষ করে মহিলাদের ক্ষেত্রে এবং এর ফলস্বরূপ কতিপয় মহিলা এই “সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া” থেকে নিজেদের কে সরিয়ে রাখছেন। 
এই স্বল্প দৈর্ঘ্যের ছবির মুখ্য নারীর চরিত্রে তৃষা যিনি একাকীত্বের শিকার, তিনিও প্রথমে মানসিক দ্বন্দের মধ্যে ছিল “সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া”-র সঙ্গে নিজেকে জড়িত করবার বিষয়ে, কিন্তু পরে সাহস করে এগিয়ে এসে ফেসবুকে যুক্ত হয়ে একাকীত্বের করাল গ্রাস থেকে নিজেকে মুক্ত করে এবং স্বামী সৈকতের সঙ্গে ভুল বোঝাবুঝির অবসান ঘটিয়ে সুখি  দাম্পত্য জীবনযাপন করতে শুরু করে।
About the Arijit Mukherjee
Arijit Mukherjee was born to Mukherjee Family of Maniktala on 19th March 1969. Father Sh Billesh Mukherjee’s passion for writing & painting left an impression on Young mind of Arijit.

World of Art & Culture Started haunting him. At the age of Thirteen, he got the first taste of a life where people comes out of his self and adds life to the character depicted in black & white the pages of books.
An actor’s creation starts from where a writer’s creation stops. So it true with young Arijit.

Thirteen-year-old Arijit gave his first theatrical performance on stage in his school drama.
While acting in drama, he started taking a keen interest in the nitty-gritty of technical aspects of drama and developed a strong desire for the directional venture. He thought direction would be his ideal cup of tea.At the age of seventeen, he took his first venture in the world of direction as Chief Assistant Director.Along with cultural activities, Arijit Continued with his studies and did a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.He also took an assignment in a Bangalore based Company and continued for four years.Love for silver screen brought him back to Kolkata. People saw Arijit as a full-fledged independent director in his first 26 Episodes Serial “Khali Jahajer Rahasya” based on “Kaka Babu Series” of Sunil Gangopadhyay.After that, he had never looked back and today Arijit is an established Director of Tollygunge with 4+ Short films, 16+ Telefilms & 8+ Mega Serial in popular Bengali channels at home and at abroad along with numerous Ad films, Documentaries, and Corporate Films to his credit.Then he stepped abroad, and in Bangladesh, he first started their country’s daily soap called “Aparajita”.

After returning to India, now he is running a YouTube Channel called “Arijit Official”, and made 4+ successful short films in 2017.

To know more about me & my works visit my website
Channel Profile
The motto of Arijit Official YouTube Channel is to make the short film with the social issues, which is related to our society.
It’s my dream journey making this YouTube Channel “Arijit Official“.
This channel was made in 2014.
But I was unable to continue with this channel because last 3.5 years I was in Bangladesh due to My International Daily Soap Project.
Worked for Deepto TV (Bangladesh), and bring the very first daily soap project of their country.
After returning to India, Again I am started working on my Youtube Channel.
My motto is to bring some short films with the social issues, and then my journey started with Arijit Official, the first movie was Sesh Prohor and its deals with the subject “Anti-terrorism”.
Then Rony, it deals with the subject, “Child-Parents Problem” after that Aamra, it’s subject about the Women Power and in this subject, all the characters are the act from their real-life story and the true story also.
on 9th December 2017, at 5:30 PM released NAA which means NO, all the movies have the subtitle, so the language of the movies are not a problem, the subject is relatable worldwide.
NAA deals with the story of Women Abuse and here I bring a girl who did the main lead and have got a problem with speech pattern.
Many more to come..