The BedTime Story

I estate myself  over here,in my chaotic bed,

The bedsheet seems to be murky one,

Once it was as pure as dove, now spluttered with blue, black and drops of red.

The incorruptibility seems to diminish, I lay upon my bed.

I repose over here in my ecstatic bed,

I partake over here.

This is the place where I fantasize,

My bed is the substratum of my occurrence,

The sole reason of my cerebral sustenance,

I sit here to chase a dream,

To analyze my moves,

To make an intellectual scheme,

I ,the Tangible Me occur in my bed.

This is the evidence of my enigmatic lust

The nightly desire reaches its fate over here,

I release my pearl white stream over there.

I sit in my bean, only to get back over there.

Ah,there lies my cot.

The soiled bolster and the worn out paillasse

They are the dream broods of my crib.

The bed carries the encumbrance of my existence.

But one day I will doom you,

But that day is too far,

Let’s not think about that big ruthless day,

Let us keep all those parting words at bay,

I am eager to pounce upon you,

Now seduce me to sommeil,oh my dear bed.

there lies the bed
there lies the bed


Disclaimer : All images have been taken from the internet. 😛