Sweta Samota’s Nine ; The Book Review

Nine: A Gripping Tale of Ila Sharma, The Number Girl (Romance and Mystery)

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“Nine” is a powerful read that tugs at the heartstrings.

A powerfully moving story!

A mix of Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks is what Sweta delivers… And what a smashing hit!

What happens when situations put you against yourself and the world is at stake?
National puzzle champ, Ila Sharma, finds herself in trouble when she joins a college in the new city of Pune with an undercover agent by her side.

With her photo flashed in the media, she is sought after by the notorious gang headed by Danny. He forces her to solve a series of codes, that were coded by a brilliant IPS officer Manu Mukundi Lal who was the national security adviser to the Prime Minister of India.

She is caught in an accelerating quest to unveil a thousand years old powerful secret.
And with the three scientists going missing, she is on the radar by the Indian Intelligence.
Still reeling from the events back home, Ila is not sure if she can trust the man she loves.

As layers unfold, as she puts the pieces of jigsaw together, her personal life shatters bit by bit.

As she begins to decode the bizarre numbers, she is stunned to find a trail that leads to the Prime Minister of India and never-before-seen revelations lead her to a single inconceivable truth.

There is more to the world than meets the eye!
Read on as you travel through a saga of love and ambition, history and ideologies.
A blend of love, history, crime and fantasy.


` Review

Gripping Goosebumps


Sweta Samota takes some time to build up the suspense and she provides almost equal time to unwrap the mystery.  There are some classified stuff, few encrypted puzzles ( read code)  and there is Ila.

Ila, shines like the beauty with the brain who is studying in Pune. Well, there is an undercover agent also, and in order to find out the identity, grab a copy. I enjoyed the narrative structure which never loses the pace and keeps a nail-biting tension among the readers. The author picks up Illuminati, one of the most controversial topics of Asokan History. No spoilers here, thus no storyline over here. The narrative dwells in the past as well as in the present era with RSS, Modi ( Pradhanmantri) among others. The cat and mouse game will keep you entertained, thanks to Indian Intelligence over here.The best part of the book is obviously the connecting dots between history and the present socio-political ethos of India. Sweta deserves an applause for providing such a treat to the readers. I enjoyed the close entanglement of well-researched facts and fiction, keep it up. I will be waiting for more stories from you and it must be on this genre. Sweta, I loved this one. Shaheed- E – Azam is also there, omg this particular phase about him and that too Kakori ( Bismil ka Sandesh)well, too good to stay away from such impeccable delight.

Do not miss the codes, do not miss the love story and more overlook for the truth.

Mitron, get the book.


Well researched

Gripping narration

Keeps it simple in style

Nice cover design


More character developments

The love saga could have been avoided, I enjoyed the thriller part(my pov)

Verdict – 8.5/10

About the author

Sweta Samota is an Indian author who writes thriller,mystery and romance. She is a computer engineer and holds an MBA in marketing. Over 13 years of experience in software industry where she was called the Decode expert, came handy in coding “Nine”. A nationalist and a runner.


Other books: 1. Kiss of true Love 2. Radha in a Jinx – a short story that was in top three in Amazon words worthy contest. 3. Radha in a Jinx- Reflections Recently.

Sweta recently won The StoryAward in flash fiction contest conducted by She The People Tv.

Discalimer – Images provided by the author for an unbiased review.


A Book Review of The Ekkos Clan

The Ekkos Clan 
Sudipto Das

The Blurb
 “The Ekkos Clan” is the story of Kratu’s search for the killers of his family, his own roots and the mystery behind his grandmother’s stories.

It’s the fascinating account of Kubha and the basketful of folklore she inherited from her ancestors. The eventful lives of Kubha and her family span a hundred years and encompass turbulent phases of Indian history. The family saga unfurls gradually, along with Kubha’s stories, through the three main characters – Kratu Sen, a grad student at Stanford, Kratu’s best friend Tista Dasgupta, and Afsar Fareedi, a linguistic palaeontologist.

Afsar hears about Kubha’s stories from Kratu in a casual conversation, but she figures that these stories are not meant to be mere bed time tales – they contain rich linguistic fossils and layers of histories.

In a bizarre incident Kratu miraculously survives an attempt on his life. His sister and uncle had not been so lucky. Were these murders acts of revenge, or a larger ideological conflict connected to Kubha’s stories which conceal perilous secrets that should be suppressed?

Afsar, Kratu and Tista travel across continents to unravel the mystery of Kubha’s roots and the origin of her stories.

At a different level, the novel subtly delves into the origin of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and the first book written by mankind.

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Meet the Author

Sudipto was born in Calcutta to a family which fled Bangladesh during the partition riots of 1947. He grew up listening horrid stories of the partition, something which he has used extensively in his debut novel The Ekkos Clan. He completed his engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1996. He lives in Bangalore.

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A Book Review of The Ekkos Clan
The Ekkos Clan is one of the supreme novel of the year, a complete masterpiece of the Postcolonial genre. It traces the indigenous culture of the colonised population, celebrates the richness of the glorious past and in the process it reveals a well guarded secret that could change the entire history of the world.
The book bears the pangs of partition, the richness of folklores, the intrigues of a traged and lastly the mysticism of a thriller saga. So you come across the pathos filled areas where the characters are torn apart due to Gadar(read partition)..while we have Amrita Pritam’s Pinjar and Khuswant’s Singh’s Mano Majra(Train to Pakistan) dealing with division in North western frontier,we have The Ekkos Clan dealing with the Eastern province..the first part is emotionally as well as brutally charged up. However gradually the narrative becomes cerebral.Yes,Das provides a rich fertile bed of intellectual and witty storytelling. The narration spreads across the continents. He handles the narration with code switching and code mixing,which could have been boring at times, but Das entertains the readers.
The readers will be amazed to experience the encyclopaedic knowledge of the author because it contains so much of cross references ranging from Ghalib to Tagore,from lectures on automobile engineering to some of the earliest tracts of human history.
Das is holistic in his background research, dramatic in creating thrills and bluntly smart in his approach. So we have a blend of Dan Brown(read Da Vinci Code) and Ashwin Sanghi (read Rozabel Line and Krishna Key) in Sudipto Das,yet he is dashingly so innovative in his own way.
It is not at all an easy job to sketch characters belonging to dissimilar cultural backgrounds and variable social temperament and Das does justice to each of them. Watch out how three people embark on a larger than life journey for the search of an ancient legacy and the journey to discover the roots of their existence.Don’t miss out the mystery of grand Kubha.This book bears the testimony of those mothers who gave up everything for the sake of their children during the partition.The Ekkos Clan is a magnum opus in its canvas, lavishly coloured with legends and folklores in its texture, twisted and cruel in its treatment but so simple in execution.This book is a stuff for serious readers, research scholars and yes to all readers….rise up above all the commercial literature,have some class..you have to read this one. Its delights you as well as teaches you a lot. I have just finished the review a modern day classic…grab the copy..you cannot ignore The Ekkos Clan.
Ratings: 9.5 out of 10
I wanted to give 10,but the cover design which is otherwise very appropriate lacks the richness of this novel..could have been more attractive.