Tumbbad : Terrifically Haunting

Language – Hindi
Country of Origin – India
Genre – Horror, Fantasy
Players- Sohum Shah and many more creatures
Director- Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi

I have always found Maharashtra beautiful in monsoons. Being a student in Pune and  Mumbai, I have enjoyed the long treks during the monsoon which mostly centred around the forts of Maharashtra. And once I asked a friend, why there are so many small temples in an around these forts, Pune  or any other places in Maharashtra?

The answer was, the only way to shun the evil spirits. I laughed.


And then, Tumbbad happened. It was like reliving the Maharashtra monsoon in the October heat but instead of relishing it, you feel haunted by it. I guess Tumbbad uses the dark clouds and the rain drops as one of the most important characters in the film. The film centres around a sleepy hamlet in colonial Bombay presidency. There is an illicit affair between an old bastard and a village belle leading to the birth of two offsprings. There is a Mhada and most importantly there is an old lady who seems to be cursed for eternity. The movie dives deep into the mythological folklore, adding the eternal aura of tussle divine and evil forces. There is hardly any positive feeling in the movie, Tumbaad rides high on the negative aspects of greed, violence, lust, greed and fear among others.

Even Dragons, the mighty creatures could not resist the lust of Gold…remember Tolkein’s Smaug?  The protagonist ( or the antagonist…) is a mere human from erstwhile India, who uses intelligence, physical power, guts and lots of black magic to unearth gold from the womb of mother Goddess. The vicious cycle goes on  and on.

Sohum Shah uses his body language and eyes to instil the pangs of greed and lust for gold. He occasionally speaks but he performs throughout, so does the crippled little son of his. There is so much of authenticity in the portrayal of Maharashtrian culture, lingo and social ethos of that period. Bansali can take a clue, giant budget and sets are not always essential to make a period film, it is always about the vision. But, I love Bansali also. The cinematography is stunning, with dark, cold and cursed with haunting solitude  Tummbad to the relatively lively Pune, it plays its part well. Tumbbad’s visuals are for the 70mm. Then, there are the colours of blood, there are scorching blaze of fire and eerie sounds of mutilated limbs and crushed bones.


More importantly, VFX usage is really up to the mark and it gels well with the gory narrative structure of the movie. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, thus to each and scheme of human, there are ploys of the devil and the climax proves it. There are rising actions in the first thirty minutes, there is a relatively dilute phase and in the latter half, it runs with steady phase and lastly it provides the audience with an orgasmic climax of action and fear.

Ah, Ramgopal Verma’s Bhoot was good, Konkona looked terrifying in Ek Thi Dayan and Anushka was really gory in Pari but Tumbbad nails with production values, acting and most importantly script and cinematography. The beauty of Tumbbad is that , the camera is a character, the production sets are also a character, it adds to the storyline.

Watch it alone, watch it on 70mm, Gaand faatega. Aur mazza bhi ayega.. agar nahi aya toh , Hastar aa jayega.



Brilliant Casting

Realistic acting

Awesome Visuals

Haunting Background Score and sound

Great balance between psychological and physical horror

Del Toro’s ambience, but blatantly original

Gothic atmosphere and no cheap copy of western horror flicks

Excellent screenplay and usage of silence in the narration

Awesomely freaky climax



Ratings – 10/10



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Spider-Man: Homecoming , The Movie Review


Direction by Jon Watts

Story by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley (Based on Stan Lee’s Comics)

Who all are there? Ans :- Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr.

Let me get this straight, I have never read any comics of Marvel, except Spiderman. Well there were few episodes of Captain America in my stash, that’s it. It was DC’s heroes all the way. Spider-Man Homecoming has broken the internet with its funky trailer and the most importantly introducing Iron-Man into the film story line. I was bustling with teen like excitements because I was going to watch one of my favourite super heroes Master Spidey on big screen (didn’t watch the previous Spidey series on big screen). At least there was and there is a super-hero with real life problems.


I was truly afraid that Tony Stark’s towering personality might over shadow the baby boy. Well, Spider-Man is there and the movie belongs to him all the way. Tom Holland is confused , bumbling with high level of testosterone and most importantly he is a hero in his own accord. At last there is a Spider- Man with the closest resemblance to the comic book. Cinema and comics are altogether different medium and cinematic liberty is cool but being faithful to the original comics, actually touches your soul.  Marvel Cinematic Universe – take a bow for providing such a decent script and presenting the Spidey of the decade. One of the best features of MCU , is the existence of different comic book characters and linking the story-line to something very big, oh yes I am talking about Avenger’s Infinity War.

Tom Holland is perfect.  Spidey’s tech support, the cutipie Asian Guy (Americans have this issue of calling Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indians as Asians) provides some comic relief as usual (that is the job of Tech Support , apart from tech support). Robert Downey Jr is a God(Not a typo. It is God) as usual . Spidey’s aunt …mmmm is HOT. The former Batman and Birdman, Michael Keaton is menacing on screen . Keaton looked more convincing as a baddie without the entire freakish Vulture suit.

Cinematography could have been much better. Spidey’s original theme song was refreshing and nostalgic to the core. Action sequences were good but could have been more stylish. But the technical brilliance showcased is really cool. Iron-Man has done some terrific up gradation with the Spidey suit. This movie scores full marks on the acting department and the engaging screenplay across the run time. Some scenes were brilliant, some were let down. Tom Holland is a future superstar. He is so real with his problems and torment. He does not want to be low key local hero but want to make it big among the Avengers. This Spider-Man never cries or breaks down. He is a teen who can control his emotions and hold his tears. He knows what he is doing. He can take his own decisions and at the same time he is a jackass.


If you think it is Iron-Man who can show off his attitude in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ,well here is teen hero who can match him. He carries his pride and he knows his place. He proves it that it is the valour which makes a hero , not the suit.



Tom Holland’s performance…

Acting is really cool…

Screenplay is also very cool

Technical Brilliance regarding Spidey’s suit is mesmerizing

Background Score…..

One liners by Iron-Man like

“Can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?”

That’s not a hug. I’m just grabbing the door for you.


No origin story (though it was  shown in other films but still…………)

Cinematography was low key.

Dragged a lot…

Post-credit scene was a big let-down.

Ratings- 7/10

Verdict- Watch it…

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Enjoy the trailer…




Captain America: Civil War : A Movie Review

Director Duo-Anthony Russo,Joe Russo

Screenplay-Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely

Cast– Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr,Chris Evans

Civil War is definitely one of the best multistarrer superhero movie .While the first installement of Avenger was a great one ,the second one i.e Age of Ultron…was a dud.I was really afraid to watch Civil War after the Dawn of Justice show.

First of all the Casting

No one can beat the casting director of the Marvel Movie Universe, while characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow have been accepted long back. Vision has been perfect, but I preferred more intellectual stuff from him.

The surprise element of the movie is Spiderman,if you follow the comics then Spidey is exactly the confused teenager portrayed over here.Ant man as usual surprised the audience,people were cheering with his action antics. Black Panther aggressive attitude in black suit and calm and composite nature as the Prince is so endearing.


I think the Hollywood scripting world is running out of ideas, every  goddamm superhero movies and T.V shows are coming up with singular agenda-The world is going to end,and these superheroes are going to save the world.I know,that is the politics of  States, concerned with th welfare of the globe.Please come out of the zone, please come up with something new.The hamartia is nothing new over here.

The dialogue by Zemo sums up all the movie and the vanity of Civil War.

Zemo: An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within? That’s dead… forever.


The execution has been very smooth,the editing and CGI does not leave any room for  improvement.I was wondering whether this was a Captain America sequel or an Avenger prequel. The best thing about the  movie is that,most of the characters received considerable amount of screen pace.


The Spiderman, the Black Panther and Zemo(he was there in first part of Captain America)are relatively new kids on the block. Their work deserves an applause. But it is the highly puzzled antics of Spidey which steal the show. Don’t deny the chopy one liner by Iron Man and Captain America.Check out the comic timing between Iron Man, War Machine and dear Spidey.

Spider-Man: Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?

War Machine: Jesus Tony, how old is this guy?

Iron Man: I don’t know, I didn’t carbon date him. He’s on the young side.

Action Sequence

Well…the action sequence was pure evil.I have got one word for it,kickass.All the mightiest superheroes kicking each other’s butt.The wise moves of Cap,the smoky blow of Ironman and the ever perplexed web of the Spidey were pure joy.The little comic book guy inside me was bumbling with Flinstone like expression : “Yaba Yaba Do”.

Don’t miss out the BIG DIVERSION created by Ant Man.

The duel between Rogers and Stark was heartwrenching,I mean great moves,punching each other…but it was like they were hitting themselves.

And the red head Black Widow,I think you can give any action hero a run for their money.You are beautiful,you are sultry,you are a mystifying creature.You deserve a solo movie of your own Natasha.

Well,this was was a good movie,go for the 3D one.Deadpool was Legendary,Civil War is great.

Go for it.

P.S : Don’t miss the post credit scene. 😛



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UGLY- A Movie Review

UGLY The Movie..The Experience


“Debraj,there is a movie going on called UGLY…would you like to come ?”.. I was bit perplexed,going for a movie titled UGLY and that too with a beautiful girl…Oh life is ironical…and yes paradoxical too… It was the second of January 2015,a jampacked E-Square Theatre near Pune University,somehow i did not like the title…Well the movie began in a claustrophbic Mumbai house..where a raw looking (read no make up)highly boozed Tejaswini Kolhapuri tries to commit suicide..and then like a hulaballo,  lots of characters appears talking over mobile phones…and i was already puzzled…i thought of asking Nisha…but did not want to disturb her…because i have this reputation of irritating my comrades during movie shows..so I followed the golden diction of Nana Patekar … “Control Uday Control”(the movie WELCOME).If you closely watch Anurag Kashyap’s movies,you will notice a pattern in the characterization..they are all very normal in their abnormal ways..A drunk mother,a troubled husband,a bumsticker..a kickass cop(remember Tarantino’s Sin City Cops)..a little pinki pinki Kid..not only that ,a stereotyped Thanedar and a toned IPS officer…oh did I miss the struggling actor ?….well along with him Kashyap gives us a lousy casting director also. Let us do some stuffs over this dark comdey masterpiece of Kashyap….and let us go through this Kidnap Thriller…gone wrong…terribly wrong.

If you are looking for a storyline…then go to Wikipedia..i am talking about my experience.I don’t know why,these days I hate the unnecessary song and dance sequences..but as usual Kashyap uses background score very efficiently till the end.All the characters are neatly drawn and each of these actors…(No stars over here) ..deserves applause.You cannot deny the omnipotent screen presence of  Ronit Roy..i mean since I have watched him in UDAAN..till now,he is tailor made for these angry middle aged character roles(ah don’t forget the abusive father in 2 States)…Tejaswini Kolhapuri got an authorbacked role..but somehow it missed something..the model turned actor (Rohit Bhat…) is great in this venture..and so is the guy essaying the role of casting director ..yeah the elder brother of Nawazuddin Sidiqqui in Gangs of Wasseypur Series..and the obedient son who carries Morabba all the way from Allahabad to Bachhan’s house in Mumbai…in Bombay Talkies..yep he is ……Vineet Kumar………..
Surveen Chawla is a raw seductive girl..almost identical to her Hate Story 2 avataar..and last but not the least….It is the man who played the second fiddle to Ronit Roy..a funny Thanedar..who watches all the kinky videos,remembers all the peppy lines,interested in the details of Smartphones,who can chase goons like anything,well acquainted with the IPC sections..(believe me very few Policemen are aware of it..even in the films)..no starry applause,no glamourization like the Ajay Devgan or Salman khan’s Cop acts..very identifiable Policewala from  Aamchi Mumbai la Thanedar..the surprise pacakage of the movie..almost two years ago..i had this distinct honour of receiving a prize from this fellow Thespian in Pune..i couln’t recollect his name..Nisha said .. “ He is GIRISH KULKARNI”…damm you Debraj..couldn’t you remember his name..The national award winning actor..for his movie “DEOOL”…he is the dark horse of this feature film..either best debut or best actor in a comic role..he is going to win the awards.Respect Sir…
I think I have spoken a lot on the characterization,let us come to the screenplay..it is non-linear..it is well planned..and beautiful in the every sense..Thumbs up for the storyline..and the Red Jangiya(underwear) dance of Siddhanth kapoor{the boldest act)….you are a true blue devil Gyancho..(He was Gyancho,the shooter in Shootout At Wadala)…I was looking for a bit more of experimental cinematography..it did not live upto the expectations..The twist in the end will reveal why the movie is entitled UGLY…you will love Kashyap for the title…a gory movie without bloodshed..but it will make your heart race a bit faster.I was bit heartbroken after it got over..I was dam hungry…i was on my way towards Pune University Canteen(you know low price)…and Nisha asked “Do you think Deboooraj..Anurag Kashyap deliberately showcased corrupt nature of Police..or it was a sarcastic take on our society or just a social satire ?” …Well,that’s the power of Anurag  Kashyap’s cinema..it makes you think..and this one hits you hard about the ugly greed of human nature.This  is a realistic and dreadful story of crime,violence and  and human insatiability at its peak.So..is it a dark comedy..or a thriller or a satire on us….?? You decide

Image Source-Internet…no doubt about it..

N:B- Paisawasool moment
1..when Girish Kulkarni  aka Inespector Yadav imitates a cheesy song lyrics
“Library ke history floor pe
Post office ke peeche waale door pe
Sej pe ya maze pe,class mein
Ret mein yak het mein,ghaas mein

Tu mujhe nichod de,main tujhe nichod loon
Tu mujhe jhinjhod de,main tujhe jhinjhod doon”

2.the casting director Vineet Kumar..when he says all the adjectives like Bhosdike and Madharchod while inside the police custody after being bashed by Girish Kulkarni

1.Miss Sonakshi Upadhay
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