Toilet: Ek Prem Katha – A Constipated Review

Director – Shree Narayan Singh

Players – Akshay Kumar , Bhumi Pednekar

There are many problems in our life but nothing is shittier than the inability to shit owing to the lack of proper facility . Oh you must be having the expression like Yuck and eww, what the hell is he saying ? But believe me , this is the most pathetic issue. Dude you cannot shit the way you want ……Really ?

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha revolves around a couple at Merrut – Uttar Pradesh , India . I am an urban child , so toilet has never been an issue . I was on my way to  Delhi on Rajdhani Express (year 2008) and in the morning I came across men and women squatting on their haunches across the vast tracts of land with a small pot resting peacefully beside them. My father smiled and said , ” Open defecation , you have read about it enjoy the visual delight “.

Nothing has changed , most of the slum dwellers in and around Govandi and Mankhurd area of Mumbai enjoys open defecation and unfortunately I have to notice it almost everyday during my local journey . Toilet:Ek Prem Katha portrays this horrifying issue of open defecation and I must tell you , it never looses it’s objective . The movie stays true to its objective . It is a love story with a burning issue wrapped around it.

Hats off to the team for such a simple execution on the cinematic screen . Akshay Kumar is surprising the movie goers with his choice of scripts and he is refreshing in every acts. Deconstruction is great and good . You will enjoy the common man avatar of Akshay Kumar , ah the same ordinary yet funny Akshay from Hera Pheri.


Bhoomi Pednekar sheds her golumolu avatar from Dum Laga Ke Haisha , she looks dapper over here. She has flawlessly mastered the local accent . Anupam Kher shines in his limited screen space.But the actual WOW goes to Dibyendu Sharma , yes the same Liquid from Pyar Ka Punchnama , you will just love him for his straight face comedy  and excellent speech timing . The movie scores really high on acting and the production department. However ; some of the dialogues are too cliche and amateurish.The movie criticises the orthodoxy of the Brahminical order prevalent in the rustic areas of India , well it also showed the progressive thinking of another Brahmin. The dramatics between obedient son and strict father is highly entertaining , loved it.

The first half deals with a stalk me and fall in love and the second half deals with the issue and the problem lies in the second part only, it becomes a documentary and every thing suddenly gets resolved by themselves . Well , the movie manages to keep the audience far from boredom with good acting  and decent narration of the story.


You can watch the movie and definitely it is an noble attempt to showcase realism on the 70 mm.


Excellent Acting

The picturization  of Gori Tu Laath Mar ( it shows the audience something very colourful and something new )

Decent Background score

The movie has got a heart at it’s right place

The orthodoxy of the Brahmanical Order has been beautifully captured.

The message it carries  ” No toilet , no marriage. ”


The problems gets resolved too quickly.

Ratings – 4/5

Enjoy the trailer


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Bahubali 2 : The Movie Review


Movie – Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion

Directed by – S. S Rajamouli

Story and Screenplay – S. S Rajamouli & K.V Prasad

Actors – Prabhas , Ramya Krishna , Rana Daggubati ,Satyaraj , Anushka Shetty , Naseer

Language – Tamil , Telegu , Hindi , Malayalam

Country – India

Genre – Epic Fantasy Drama.

Haters will hate, So if you hate Epic Fantasy dramas, just get the hell out of here.

First of all you need to understand what is an Epic? Well according to the Cornell University Professor M.H Abrams it is a long narrative poem about victories and adventures of a hero involving lofty and elegant diction. The fate of the people or tribe depends on the action of that particular hero. The style is filled loftiness and grandeur.Sometimes it involves divine intervention and supernaturalism in its narrative. Think of The Ramayana, The Mahabharat, Virgil’s Aeneid or Homer’s will notice this archetypal pattern of larger than life sequences and grandeur in the action of the central protagonists. S . S Rajamouli’s Bahubali belongs to this group of Epic poetries.Yes yes some of you will think this man has gone nuts.Lol!


The second instalment starts off with the conversation between Katappa and Shiva ( the son of Amarendra Bahubali ) and the audience travels almost twenty-five years into the colossal kingdom Mahesmati. The story follows the streak of popularity of Bahubali among his subject and his courtship with beautiful princess, Devsena of Kuntai Pradesh.Later on the antagonist Bhallaldeva and his father conspire against the crown prince and what happens next…Find out at theatres near you.As usual spoiler here.


The treatment is epic in every sense , right from the dashing entry of Prabhas to the highly imaginative sequence of the flying craft…it provides visual delights to its audience.I think  Baahubali will be a milestone in the case of VFX usage in Indian Cinema.Yes it is at par with the Hollywood cinemas..but don’t compare it with anyone.You need to feel the grand vision of the director.sdcczd

Yes, few VFX sequences were pure LOL. 😛


The Characters were already established in the prequel, so the audience have been able to identify the nature of the Baahubali 2 actors. The film belongs to the mighty hero Prabhas, right from his dialogue delivery to his muscularity…you deserve a high five for such brilliant act as the lead of the film franchise.Ranna Daggubati is a cold blooded conspirator and a true blue villain with a dazzling personality. Ranna’s Bhallaldeva is a  man of few words and lots of action. The expression through the dark eyes..were spine chilling to the core. Indian Cinema got a new super villain. He is as good as Prabhas.Kattappa’s character didn’t lived up to the expectation, he was much promising in the first part ..however, you could relate to his pitiable condition as torn soul throughout the movie. Nassar as the father of Bhallaldeva reminded me of Dhritarashtra and Shakuni, a handicapped and conspirator…he was an effortless evil persona throughout the narration.Rajmata Shivagami aka Ramya Krishnan screen presence was royal in every aspect. The surprise package of the movie was Anushka Shetty, right from the introductory scene where she swings her swords to the last scene where she put an end to the evil…take a bow Shetty were a treat to watch. A bold character in every no not skin show but modern mindset on every aspect. Shetty as the Princess Devasena stood for honour, valour, heroism and rationality.baahubali2grpicsupdate

She is not the one who is going to take your nonsense..thus she questions every tradition and if the necessity arises she wields her sword and arrow to punish the offenders. Kudos to the scriptwriter and Anushka Shetty for providing such a brilliant characterization of radiant feminist.


The script is crisp and full of memorable one-liners. The script draws some elements from Indian Epics and mould it according to the storyline.The opening credits of the movie where Rajamouli freezes the outstanding moments from the previous instalment teleport you directly to the age of chivalric romance and heroism. The screenplay could have been better but Rajamouli’s master storytelling technique takes it to a different level of amusement.The Royal throne is always cursed and Aurangzeb was right when he said “Kingship knows no Kinship”.Experience the bloody saga of revenge.




People were clapping at the extravagant visual ride, amazing performance of the lead cast and  witty dialogues of Bahubali 2. Some of the scenes were truly epic and unforgettable. Anushka Shetty ‘s fiery personality, Prabhaas’ daring heroism, Senthiraj(Kattappa) loyalty and lastly Rana Daggubati’s intrigue and loathsome attitude make the movie an unforgettable experience. The imagination coloured by special effects will be a treat to your heart and mind. Please don’t compare with LOTR, Harry Potter …Bahubali 2 shines in its own golden rays.It is not easy for a regional film to create such a hype and deliver such world class product in India. Cheers to the director S. S Rajamouli for delivering such a visionary piece of cinema.Izzat rakhli …


Amazing acting by the lead cast

The Indianess in the beauty of Anushka Shetty

The muscle flexing scenes of Ranna Duggabati

The working chemistry between Rana Duggabati and Nassar ( Bhalladeva and  Bijjaladeva )

The passionate romance between Devsena and Bahubali

Katappa’s struggle with conscience

Amazing usage of special effect and the dream sequence of Anushka and Prabhaas on the floating boat.Oh the kiss ..grand.

The death scene of Amarendra Bahubali- a solid tearjerker.

The selfless act of Prabhas as Amarendra Baahlubali

The introductory scene of Anushka Shetty and Bahubali

The bow and arrow sequence by Anushka Shetty and Prabhas while shooting the Pindari Dacoits.

Daler Mahendi’s powerful voice in Jiyo Re Bahubali

The final fight between the Uncle and Nephew.

You cannot get enough of Prabhas.

You cannot miss the high impact factor of this Pan – Indian Classic saga of love , jealousy and revenge.

It is a vivid celebration of India’s glorious past. Kudos to the Postcolonialism.

Almost everything.



The final battle where Mahendra Bahubali took the aid of Coconut Trees…hilarious.

Few animations were loud and funny.

Where was Tamannah? Completely wasted.

Some songs could have been easily omitted from the script.

Prabhas was far more convincing as Amarendra Bahubali than Mahendra Bahubali.


Ratings – Some films are above the calculative ratings.This will be an unforgettable experience for me and I am too small a person to rate such a brilliant work of art.For your information, IMDB rated it 9.3/10.

Do not download the movie…if you miss it at the will be a loss. Go to a Cinema Hall near you…

Trailer for you

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Film Review : The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack

Direction -Sankalp Reddy

Writer -Azad Alam

Screenplay – Sankalp Reddy,

Cast –     Om Puri,Kay Kay Menon, Rana Daggubati,Atul Kulkarni,Taapsee Pannu , Rahul Singh


War films in Bollywood mean Chetan  Anand’s Haqeeqat , J. P Dutt’s Border and LOC Kargil with fuelled up patriotism, study of personal relationships of the soldiers and some unforgettable melodies. Afterall who can forget Mohd Rafi’s Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathio or Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathod’s Sandesey Aatey Hain. All of them were great films but suffered one fatal flaw – too much distraction from main war and dragged up a length of the film.

This is where Sankalp Reddy’s trilingual war epic The Ghazi Attack scores 100 % marks for its focus on the core subject ….the WAR between India and Pakistan. This movie is actually the prologue to what we have seen in J. P Dutt’s Border.Border sums the legendary battle of Indian forces at Longewala against the Pakistani army …this movie shows why the Pakistan army declared war against India on December 4th, 1971.Watch…the battle of Indian navy.

No way I am going to reveal the story line..This movie chronicles the voyage of an Indian Navy submarine S21 along the northern waters of Bay of Bengal.

Kay Kay Menon as Captain of S21 does an honest job as the captain of the Indian submarine ,his penache for violence and to hit the enemy vessel is very well etched out. He represents all the defence personal and Police persons who want to hit the enemy at the first instance without waiting for the orders of headquarters.

Ranna Duggabati as (Arjun Varma) Lt.Commander of S21 is the smartest man on duty and one of the most brilliant characters of the film who displays qualities like honour, justice and tactics through his acting skill throughout the film. Well, you could have shaved your beard. Keep it up are perfect.

Atul Kulkarni did the most difficult job as a navy officer being torn up between the law abiding officer and the daredevil captain of the sheep….your experience as an actor shows in every frame.

Tapasse Panu did a decent job as the East Pakistani refugee, so does Om Puri and the other team of supporting actors.


But the man who steals the show is Rahul Singh as the Commander Razaq Mohd Khan of Pakistani submarine Ghazi. It is very common to overlook the counter-narrative approach in a war film , Madras Cafe did some justice on this aspect but The Ghazi Attack provides enough space for the drama inside the Pakistani Submarine.Rahul Singh delights the audience with his expressions and radiant acting skills…You will hate him for his anti-India dialogue. You will love his tactics as a Submarine captain and his frustration when he speaks out:

“Commander hain yaah liftman..upar neeche upar ”

The editing is perfect and not at all over the top.Indian audience enjoyed the interiors of Submarine after Shyam Benegal’s Bose – The Forgotten Hero.  There were no melodramatic scenes, the dialogues were crisp and the screenplay is world class to the core.The film scores in building up cinematic thrills and tension across its course of narration and delivers a highly engaging piece of Cinema.Thanks to the special effect, it was beautiful seabed across 70mm.No doubt it has got an 8.7 rating on IMDB.This is one type of film which makes you stand up and salute the unsung heroes of our nation…and it proves that War is always between great minds and it is won by courage, knowledge and the spirit of patriotism.
A must watch ….

Cheers to our soldiers

Cheers to honest film making .


The film is  partially inspired by the book  The Blue Fish

Enjoy the trailer


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UGLY- A Movie Review

UGLY The Movie..The Experience


“Debraj,there is a movie going on called UGLY…would you like to come ?”.. I was bit perplexed,going for a movie titled UGLY and that too with a beautiful girl…Oh life is ironical…and yes paradoxical too… It was the second of January 2015,a jampacked E-Square Theatre near Pune University,somehow i did not like the title…Well the movie began in a claustrophbic Mumbai house..where a raw looking (read no make up)highly boozed Tejaswini Kolhapuri tries to commit suicide..and then like a hulaballo,  lots of characters appears talking over mobile phones…and i was already puzzled…i thought of asking Nisha…but did not want to disturb her…because i have this reputation of irritating my comrades during movie I followed the golden diction of Nana Patekar … “Control Uday Control”(the movie WELCOME).If you closely watch Anurag Kashyap’s movies,you will notice a pattern in the characterization..they are all very normal in their abnormal ways..A drunk mother,a troubled husband,a bumsticker..a kickass cop(remember Tarantino’s Sin City Cops)..a little pinki pinki Kid..not only that ,a stereotyped Thanedar and a toned IPS officer…oh did I miss the struggling actor ?….well along with him Kashyap gives us a lousy casting director also. Let us do some stuffs over this dark comdey masterpiece of Kashyap….and let us go through this Kidnap Thriller…gone wrong…terribly wrong.

If you are looking for a storyline…then go to Wikipedia..i am talking about my experience.I don’t know why,these days I hate the unnecessary song and dance sequences..but as usual Kashyap uses background score very efficiently till the end.All the characters are neatly drawn and each of these actors…(No stars over here) ..deserves applause.You cannot deny the omnipotent screen presence of  Ronit Roy..i mean since I have watched him in UDAAN..till now,he is tailor made for these angry middle aged character roles(ah don’t forget the abusive father in 2 States)…Tejaswini Kolhapuri got an authorbacked role..but somehow it missed something..the model turned actor (Rohit Bhat…) is great in this venture..and so is the guy essaying the role of casting director ..yeah the elder brother of Nawazuddin Sidiqqui in Gangs of Wasseypur Series..and the obedient son who carries Morabba all the way from Allahabad to Bachhan’s house in Mumbai…in Bombay Talkies..yep he is ……Vineet Kumar………..
Surveen Chawla is a raw seductive girl..almost identical to her Hate Story 2 avataar..and last but not the least….It is the man who played the second fiddle to Ronit Roy..a funny Thanedar..who watches all the kinky videos,remembers all the peppy lines,interested in the details of Smartphones,who can chase goons like anything,well acquainted with the IPC sections..(believe me very few Policemen are aware of it..even in the films) starry applause,no glamourization like the Ajay Devgan or Salman khan’s Cop acts..very identifiable Policewala from  Aamchi Mumbai la Thanedar..the surprise pacakage of the movie..almost two years ago..i had this distinct honour of receiving a prize from this fellow Thespian in Pune..i couln’t recollect his name..Nisha said .. “ He is GIRISH KULKARNI”…damm you Debraj..couldn’t you remember his name..The national award winning actor..for his movie “DEOOL”…he is the dark horse of this feature film..either best debut or best actor in a comic role..he is going to win the awards.Respect Sir…
I think I have spoken a lot on the characterization,let us come to the is is well planned..and beautiful in the every sense..Thumbs up for the storyline..and the Red Jangiya(underwear) dance of Siddhanth kapoor{the boldest act)….you are a true blue devil Gyancho..(He was Gyancho,the shooter in Shootout At Wadala)…I was looking for a bit more of experimental did not live upto the expectations..The twist in the end will reveal why the movie is entitled UGLY…you will love Kashyap for the title…a gory movie without bloodshed..but it will make your heart race a bit faster.I was bit heartbroken after it got over..I was dam hungry…i was on my way towards Pune University Canteen(you know low price)…and Nisha asked “Do you think Deboooraj..Anurag Kashyap deliberately showcased corrupt nature of Police..or it was a sarcastic take on our society or just a social satire ?” …Well,that’s the power of Anurag  Kashyap’s makes you think..and this one hits you hard about the ugly greed of human nature.This  is a realistic and dreadful story of crime,violence and  and human insatiability at its it a dark comedy..or a thriller or a satire on us….?? You decide

Image Source-Internet…no doubt about it..

N:B- Paisawasool moment
1..when Girish Kulkarni  aka Inespector Yadav imitates a cheesy song lyrics
“Library ke history floor pe
Post office ke peeche waale door pe
Sej pe ya maze pe,class mein
Ret mein yak het mein,ghaas mein

Tu mujhe nichod de,main tujhe nichod loon
Tu mujhe jhinjhod de,main tujhe jhinjhod doon”

2.the casting director Vineet Kumar..when he says all the adjectives like Bhosdike and Madharchod while inside the police custody after being bashed by Girish Kulkarni

1.Miss Sonakshi Upadhay
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