Dil, Depression and Sad Songs

waqt_ne_kiya_kya_haseen_sitamOne of my friends is working on Hindi & Urdu Music and thus post will be a part of the bibliography of the research work. I’m here to churn out a list of my favourite sad songs, because they stay forever.

The context and mental condition of the blogger is not related, after all  this is the  Postmodern age of New Criticism and the author is already dead.

I will be following the reverse order over here.

10. Channa Mereya

Dude, this is the dream song of every Indian girl. Most of them secretly aspire that they have someone in their life, who would sing this song for them. I hated the movie but loved the song. The cross dressing, the mehendi in his hand and those expressive eyes of Ranbir. You deserve an award for this song…

Arijit Singh, you are master at vocalising pain…

Favourite Line : Mehfil mein tere…

9. Sau dard hai, Janeemann

Shit movie and an equally awesome song, after all there are solutions to  every problems. But, this one, no way. Worst Acting, but Sonu Nigam saves the day.

Fav Line : Sab mila dil nasheen

8. Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Yeh Kaisa Safar, Safar

This is about life, a man who wants to live, but the fate is cruel. Simple lyrics, awesome Kakaji and Kishore Kumar evokes sympathy with every words.  Life is so cruel..

Fav LineZindagi ko bahot pyar humne diya

7. Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb thi, Khamoshi

There is a sense of hope and lingering about those beautiful moments. The song has been beautifully picturised upon Rajesh Khanna and the elegant Waheeda Rehman. One of the most underrated songs of Bollywood. Ganga water in the background, surprisingly refreshing and remorseful…

Fav Line : Woh kal bhi pass pass thi


6. Ae Jaate Hue Lamhon, Border

This is so real, so honest and so brutal. The army wife is pestering her husband to stay for few more hours. Roopkumar Rathod weaves magic with every pauses. The man in the uniform is helpless and so are we.. Time is indeed cruel.

Fav LineMain kahin bhi rahoon

5. Chupke Chupke Raat Din, Nikaah

This song doesn’t need any words to define it. There is a sweetness in separation. The Ghazal God, Ghulam Ali proves his mettle. Just grab a coffee and listen to this.

Fav Line : Daant o taley ungli dabana yaad hai

4. Mera kuch samaan, Ijazaat

One of the most wonderful and hardhitting lyrics of Gulzar, ahead of time. Gulzar pens a free verse with sheer brilliance and Asha Bhosale, take a bow. Pancham Da..waah. This is existential crisis..

Fav Line : Ek akeli chatri mein, adhe adhe

3.Khamosh sa afsana, pani pe likha hota, Libaas

Gulzar and Pancham weave magic with this song. This is a sacred song about the innocence of heart. Do not listen to this, if you have experienced a heart-break. You might die..

2. Jane Woh kaise log thay jinke pyar ko pyar mila, Pyaasa

This is a song for the losers, for the unconquered love, for the failures and heartbreaks, for  jilted lovers.  Sahir Ludhianvi , Hemanta Mukherjee and Guru Dutt provide the audience with universal content. You need Old monk with this…

Fav Line : Bichad gaya har sathi dekar pal do pal ka saath, kisko fursat hai jo thaame deewano ka haath. Wah!!

Honourable Mentions

Hokey Majboor mujhe, tumne bhoolaya Hoga, Haqeeqat

Ek saathi aur bhi tha, LOC Kargil

Badi suni suni hai, Mili

Waqt Ne Kiya Kya haseen Sitam, Kagaz Ke Phool


1.  Humko kiske gham ne mara, yeh kahani phir sahi

Sorry, you cannot escape Ghulam Ali’s vocal poetry and the lyrics which is not only brilliant but it is always growing exponentially every time you listen to it. In the end, you are going to feel good. You will be relieved.


Fav lines : Dil ke lootne ka sabab

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Life: The Official Movie Review

28059273_1585790114850794_263601048717176359_nFilm: LIFE

Story: Tanmoy De

Screenplay & Direction: Arijit Mukherjee

Presenter: Teamwork Production

Staring Ayush Mukherjee Payel Majumdar Pom Chatterjee Gopal Ghosh Manisha Tham —

VFX, Promotion & BGM: Aniket

Cinematography: Bappa Dasgupta

Editing: Tamal Chakraborty

Music Direction: Somagni Biswas & ULFAT

Unplugged Vocals: ULFAT Unplugged (Abhijit & Rupali)

The Movie Review

Arijit Mukherjee’s latest directorial venture Life is all about loving your life and winning over negativity on all aspects. He keeps his objective short and sweet just like his first short film Rony which dealt with the alienation of an urban child from his parents. Life comes up with a commendable opening sequence where the director introduces a fast moving city embedded in powerful neon lights and people moving to and fro from here to there across the screen. There are some well captured moments where one of the characters picks up a broken piece of glass which signifies the broken state of the human soul in an urban landscape; thumbs up for using such imagery over here.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the editing of Tamal Chakraborty’s editing throughout the entire course of narration and yes Bappa DasGupta’s cinematography also deserves applause. Mr Mukherjee cleverly used special effects (read VFX) to portray a psychedelic situation where one of the characters converse from a place too far from the city of Kolkata. You need to find out that place by watching this drama of life. There are two characters over here in the film, a lonely depressed working woman in the huge metropolitan and a mysterious character from a place too near yet too far away. It is their endearing and relatable conversations which lights up the laptop screen. The dialogues are realistic and Arijit Mukherjee’s delicate handling of Tanmoy De’s storyline doesn’t lose focus or drifts away from the core.

The film discussed the issue of depression and suicidal tendencies among the urban youth and comes up with an optimistic message in the end .The best part of the movie Life is that it doesn’t preach anything but portrays the grim reality of death. Payel Majumder and Ayush Mukherjee comes up with convincing acts in the film and doesn’t give any major reason to dislike. Though I personally feel, the dialogue deliveries could have been better especially the voice over of the lead character. Nevertheless, the movie is a great attempt to draw our attention to towards suicide and clinical depression and wiping out the vague notion about the utopia of after-life. Thumbs up to the entire team of the Life for coming up with a fine piece of art. Do watch it. Do not miss this short film.


Relatable Storyline.

Strong Social Statement.

Smart Editing, Cinematography, VFX.

Tight Screenplay and direction.

Lovely Background score

Good Facial Expressions and Body Language by the Lead Characters.

Commendable & Economical Production Design


Dialogue delivery in few scenes (personal feeling).

The opening credit song didn’t leave a mark.

Ratings – 8.5/10

Check out the short film over here


Director : Few Facts


Mr. Arijit Mukherjee was born to Mukherjee Family of Maniktala on 19th March 1969. Father Shree Billesh Mukherjee’s passion for writing & painting left an impression on Young mind of Arijit.

World of Art & Culture Started haunting him. At the age of Thirteen, he got the first taste of a life where people comes out of his self and adds life to the character depicted in black & white the pages of books.

An actor’s creation starts from where a writer’s creation stops. So it true with young Arijit

Thirteen-year-old Arijit gave his first theatrical performance on stage in his school drama.

While acting in drama, he started taking a keen interest in the nitty-gritty of technical aspects of drama and developed a strong desire for the directional venture. He thought direction would be his ideal cup of tea.

At the age of seventeen, he took his first venture in the world of direction as Chief Assistant Director.

Along with cultural activities, Arijit Continued with his studies and did a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

He also took an assignment in a Bangalore based Company and continued for four years.

Love for silver screen brought him back to Kolkata. People saw Arijit as a full-fledged independent director in his first 26 Episodes Serial “Khali Jahajer Rahasya” based on “Kaka Babu Series” of Sunil Gangopadhyay.

After that, he had never looked back and today Arijit is an established Director of Tollygunge with 4+ Short films, 16+ Telefilms & 8+ Mega Serial in popular Bengali channels at home and at abroad along with numerous Ad films, Documentaries, and Corporate Films to his credit.

Then he stepped abroad, and in Bangladesh, he first started their country’s daily soap called “Aparajita”.

After returning to India, now he is running a YouTube Channel called “Arijit Official“, and made 4+ successful short films in 2017.



To know more about the director and his works visit his website


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