2.0 Chitthi aye hai ; Movie Review


Genre – Sci-fi, fantasy, Only Rajni

Players – Rajnikant ,Akshay Kumar, lots of VFX

Director – Shankar

Language – Tamil, Telegu and Hindi

First thing first, don’t watch the downloaded version from Tamilrockers.com. Hey, please get a ticket for a 3D show at the nearest theater. I watched the show at a city theater with a companion who was late by 20 minutes, silent sobbing. So, the movie is about the tussle between good and evil where the antagonist wins the heart. Akshay Kumar portrays an aged ornithologist who wants to save the birds and something happens, leading to his dangerous transformation into an evil crow, staright from Krishnapuran ( read the Mahabharat, where Kangsha mamu commands a crow to kill chota Krishna). The origin story of the antagonist is really heartwarming and it has been brilliantly narrated on the screen. Akshay Kumar delivers a balanced performance. The script doesn’t offer anything new. watch the movie for the story, no fucking spoilers over here. Rajnikant doesn’t need a script and he proves it. He plays multiple characters in the movie without even trying too hard. Amy Jackson proves to be the best of the lot, which means she was as usual good for nothing, apart from being fair and ok, she looked hot. Achaa, really hot.


Shankar is a visionary director, who keeps you glued to the screen with high octane sequences and that too with a dull script, yes a brilliant script is a hero but dealing with a flat script and making it interesting, well he delivers. The background score was really good and the action sequences in the football stadium deserves a thumb up, well Akki scored a goal. Robot version 3.0, the chota robots .i.e. Microbots were cute little adorable and blatantly mischievous robots, Rajni Sir tickles the funny bone in the audience. Jao paisa lutao aur dekh lo, torrent aur Netflix aur amazon, avoid.


In the first installment, there was an issue and in the second one the issue remained. The robots are always looking for powersources, they need to use ONEPLUS battery, long lasting. Some serious action scenes were going on, I was hooked to it and my companion said, “ the robots need a powerbank”. I am in still awe of that power bank stuff. Shankar, please provide it in the next installment.

A song by Pankaj Udhas, could have been used in the movie…

“ Chitthi aaye hai, aaye hai”

Ok sorry. 😛


Thalaiva in all the avatars

VFX, excellent execution by the team

Akshay Kumar as the Ornithologist, he shines. Excellent make up…

The Microbots, Chota Rajnis..hilarious

Grand vision by the director, Jai Shankar.

The Ecocritical angle provided in the storyline about saving the birds and environment at large

Some brilliant moments.


Bhai, VFX ka karey kya? Story line is dull.

Too much usage of special effects takes a toll.

The story line has been forcibly dragged and it contains heavy hangover of the first part.

Robots ka charge bahot jaldi khatam hota hai

Verdict – 7.5/10

Disclaimer – All the images from internet, mere baap ke nahi hai.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha – A Constipated Review

Director – Shree Narayan Singh

Players – Akshay Kumar , Bhumi Pednekar

There are many problems in our life but nothing is shittier than the inability to shit owing to the lack of proper facility . Oh you must be having the expression like Yuck and eww, what the hell is he saying ? But believe me , this is the most pathetic issue. Dude you cannot shit the way you want ……Really ?

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha revolves around a couple at Merrut – Uttar Pradesh , India . I am an urban child , so toilet has never been an issue . I was on my way to  Delhi on Rajdhani Express (year 2008) and in the morning I came across men and women squatting on their haunches across the vast tracts of land with a small pot resting peacefully beside them. My father smiled and said , ” Open defecation , you have read about it ..now enjoy the visual delight “.

Nothing has changed , most of the slum dwellers in and around Govandi and Mankhurd area of Mumbai enjoys open defecation and unfortunately I have to notice it almost everyday during my local journey . Toilet:Ek Prem Katha portrays this horrifying issue of open defecation and I must tell you , it never looses it’s objective . The movie stays true to its objective . It is a love story with a burning issue wrapped around it.

Hats off to the team for such a simple execution on the cinematic screen . Akshay Kumar is surprising the movie goers with his choice of scripts and he is refreshing in every acts. Deconstruction is great and good . You will enjoy the common man avatar of Akshay Kumar , ah the same ordinary yet funny Akshay from Hera Pheri.


Bhoomi Pednekar sheds her golumolu avatar from Dum Laga Ke Haisha , she looks dapper over here. She has flawlessly mastered the local accent . Anupam Kher shines in his limited screen space.But the actual WOW goes to Dibyendu Sharma , yes the same Liquid from Pyar Ka Punchnama , you will just love him for his straight face comedy  and excellent speech timing . The movie scores really high on acting and the production department. However ; some of the dialogues are too cliche and amateurish.The movie criticises the orthodoxy of the Brahminical order prevalent in the rustic areas of India , well it also showed the progressive thinking of another Brahmin. The dramatics between obedient son and strict father is highly entertaining , loved it.

The first half deals with a stalk me and fall in love and the second half deals with the issue and the problem lies in the second part only, it becomes a documentary and every thing suddenly gets resolved by themselves . Well , the movie manages to keep the audience far from boredom with good acting  and decent narration of the story.


You can watch the movie and definitely it is an noble attempt to showcase realism on the 70 mm.


Excellent Acting

The picturization  of Gori Tu Laath Mar ( it shows the audience something very colourful and something new )

Decent Background score

The movie has got a heart at it’s right place

The orthodoxy of the Brahmanical Order has been beautifully captured.

The message it carries  ” No toilet , no marriage. ”


The problems gets resolved too quickly.

Ratings – 4/5

Enjoy the trailer


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