Book Review
An Autograph For Anjali comes with a gory murder narrative wrapped up by a bold love story. Venkatraman provides great characters and a smart plot for her latest venture.
First of all the novel boasts some well built characters like Parth Bharadwaj,Anjali,Jayant and Arjun.Even minor characters like Nalini and Seema stands out. Venkatraman’s character build up has been very strong in An Autograph For Anjali.To create an impact over the readers with the action of the fictitious character is not an easy job,but the author passes with flying colours.
The author has been very tactful to keep a simple plotline.Few months ago I was having a gala time at Meluha in Hiranandani Powai…when I recieved three sample chapters of An Autograph For Anjali from the author itself,since she has been a very encouraging blogger(she always takes the trouble to visit my blog)and a smart storyteller..I read the three chapters at a go.I thought this was going to be another lovestory only to discover that it dealt with a high society murder in Hiranandani itself.
Now the novel presents a plotline dealing with marital dicord and extramarital affairs in an affluent Mumbai society.
The murder mystery fades after few pages and a love lorn housewife takes over the narrative.It narrates the story of those (not everyone) married couples in India,where the husband takes the wife for granted and consider them to be just a serving hand in the domestic affairs of the house.While some of the wives consider this phenomenon to be quite natural,some of them try to break out of the cage called Sansaar and establish them in different world.The story of Anjali is about those Great Indian Women who can create a niche for themselves and who deserves to be loved.
You have to check out this novel to find out whether she is successful is setting her spirit free from the claustrophic paws of her husband.
Nonetheless we have a saying that behind successful man there is an woman,here you come across such a situation where the man brings out the best from the woman(brownie point for that).
The concept of legal separation and divorce have been handled with utmost care by the author.While you will enjoy the extramarital affair on one hand ,you will also hate another illicit affair to the core.
The relationship between son and mother is one of the highlight of the book but the highlight of this text is the platonic friendship between Parth and Anjali and how this friendship slowly turns into a reverential darling affair sways over everything in the book.So there is a highly demanding husband (businessman)who is more sensitive towards business policy than the feelings of his wife,and lovelorn but dutiful wife,a cheerful son , a highly efficacious author(a gentleman in every sense) and yes a murder mystery.Do you need more ?
1.Cover Design.(apt)
2.Characterization and Story Line(well planned)
3.Usage of Tennysonian allegory(The Lotos Eater)
4.Lovemaking Episodes..(very exciting)
1.Seema’s episode wraps up very quickly.

Verdict- 8/10
Grab a copy.


Sundari Venkatraman
Jayant Mathur is found murdered in his bed, shot at point-blank range with his own revolver. Though she’s extremely disturbed by his death, Jayant’s wife Anjali is way more upset about something else. Who stands to gain by killing the multi-millionaire businessman?
Parth Bhardwaj is a friend and neighbour of the Mathurs. Parth is an author who goes by a pseudonym. He appears more than a friend to Anjali; while he’s also on good terms with her son Arjun who lives and studies in the UK. What role does he play in Anjali’s life? Jayant’s relatives are curious to know.
Jayant’s brother-in-law Rana is convinced that Parth and Anjali are the murderers. But Inspector Phadke has his own doubts about this theory. In comes Samrat, the private detective who appears as quiet as a mouse. Will he be able to find the murderer?
Will Anjali find happiness and peace?



Grab your copy @
In 2014, Sundari self-published The Malhotra Bride (2nd Edition); Meghna; The Runaway Bridegroom; Flaming Sun Collection 1: Happily Ever Afters From India (Box Set) and Matches Made In Heaven (a collection of romantic short stories).
2015 brought yet another opportunity. Readomania came forward to traditionally publish this book – The Madras Affair – a mature romance set in Madras.
An Autograph for Anjali, a romance with a touch of suspense, is also a self-published novel. Going a step further, the author has published the paperback version through Notion Press.


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Color Me Rich very authentically portrays the aggravation of an artist who is unable to come up with good quality art. It also showcased the cons of getting into a hasty matrimonial alliance .Deep provides us with some authentic episodes of marital discord with tinges of sensual romance.

Deep’s Color Me Rich comes with a neat plot and some forgettable characters. Yes among the characters like Zenobia,Suma,Pran and others only two characters  named Bollywood Aunty and Akash shines. Somehow the art of characterization falls flat.

However the psychological array of Akash provides a good read.His presence simply envelops everything. Deep deals with various issues like the theme of isolation, the class clash and of course the notion of creative block.


The storyline travels from Mumbai’s western suburbs to the posh Cafe Parade and finally to Harbor’s Panvel Farmhouse. Now Deep very genuinely deals with the life of Akash Saigal,his struggling days and of course troubled marriage life.Zenobia seemed to be an eye candy and yes a hot beauty no doubt. The concept of muse has been finely dealt through the hellenic bond between Suma and Akash.Deep enlightened me with the in-depth knowledge about the history of portraits in India,his knowledge in the field of painting surely deserves an ovation. The struggle which most of the wannabe artists have to go through gets a factual representation in the narrative.

But what makes this book immensely likeable is the narrative technique and off course a gripping plot.  Mohan shuttles between the present and the past like a seasoned filmmaker juggling with the flashback and contemporary scenes.His usage of  “Yesterday’s” and “Today’s” are  laudable.

It will be interesting to watch a Bollywood adaptation of this sensational narrative.Now the plot resembles the tragic story of the artist Hema Upadhay…there has been a recent suicide in the B-Town…which can also be a part of another shocking plot.Let us wait and watch.

Now let me provide with the Positive Sides.

1.Engaging Plot

2.Psychological aspect has been finely dealt with.

3.Excellent research on Paintings,J J School of Arts.

4.Good study of Parsi Community.

5.Special mention about  the knowledge(of Mohan Deep) regarding Portraits .

6.A good juxtaposition of the Prolepsis and Flashback.

7.Excellent Climax build up.


1.Characterization of the minor characters.

2.Suma …a bit more was needed.

3.Small end notes would have been great,since there has been usage of Marathi,Parsi and Hindi Words (exclusively for the Occidental Readers)

Verdict- 7.5/10

Now grab a copy of  Mohan Deep’s Color Me Rich.

Color Me Rich 


Mohan Deep 


A sensitive love story of a handsome and talented struggling painter Akash Saigal. What happens when he marries an extremely rich and beautiful artist and art investor Zenobia Taraporevala?



J J School of Art, Mumbai.


Taking a charcoal pencil, Akash Saigal started drawing the wood-and-stone structure, popularly known as ‘Kipling Bungalow’. He was sketching sitting on a bench on which, in another era, K K Hebbar, M F Husain, Syed Haider Raza, Sadanand Bakre, V S Gaitonde, even Dadasaheb Phalke had sat with their sketchbooks, sketching the house where the author of The Jungle Book was born.


Ganpat Gupte appeared along with two of his gang. Gupte was the nephew of a minister, or so he claimed, and had the arrogance that comes with power.


“Ae Akash, kae karto?”


Akash looked up at the trio and said, “Nothing much. Just a drawing.”


“Okay. What is the day today?”




“I should have known.Tere ko blue shirt hai na?”


Akash didn’t get the connection, but Gupte’s chamchas laughed knowingly.


“Didn’t you get it?”




The three boys sang in unison, “Monday, blue shirt. Tuesday, black shirt. Wednesday, blue shirt. Thursday black shirt. Friday, blue shirt. Saturday, black shirt. Sunday…laundry!”


If Akash was hurt, he didn’t show it. He laughed sheepishly and continued sketching the bungalow.


But he would never forget this.




The elevator zoomed up, taking Akash directly to the penthouse on the 60th floor of Apollo Towers, and stopped with stomach-curdling smoothness. The door slid open to reveal his luxuriously done-up lounge.


He came out of the lift, turned down the passage, and walked over the deep-pile rug to the lounge.


He had returned from the salon.


He felt cleaner and fresher after his bimonthly facial – only Tanveer could give him a satisfactory shave – and pedicure. He liked to have his moustaches- like John Lennon’s – done like in the Sixties, and he liked sideburns.


His head was still heavy from drinking until the late hours, but he looked much better than he felt. His studio was to the right, almost hidden behind the lavish bar facing him as he entered.


Perched 550 feet above the city of Mumbai, he could see the Queen’s Necklace and the World Trade Centre. From Zenobia’s bedroom, the Gateway of India and the high dome of the Taj Mahal Hotel.


Pran smiled at him.


Akash returned the smile, picked up the bottle of Blue Label and poured himself a stiff drink.


“Isn’t it a little early for a drink?”


Without saying anything, Akash smiled, and switched on the TV.


The TV screen flashed a story over a video shot of Zenobia with him in happier times, followed by a shot of the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s heritage Gothic-style building and a subtitle: ‘Mumbai Police give clean chit to Akash Saigal.’


The newsreader said:


“Based on the findings of the forensic department and investigation, the Mumbai Police has declared the death of noted artist and socialite Zenobia Taraporevala suicide. It may be recalled that a year ago, Zenobia died from a fall from her 60th-floor penthouse. There were questions about her death. Was it a suicide, or an accident, or was she pushed to her death? Her husband, the famous artist Akash Saigal, was under a cloud all these months. It has now been established that tired of being confined to a wheel chair after a car accident, a depressed Zenobia committed suicide.”


Pran jumped out of his seat, still listening to the newsreader with open-mouthed amazement. He shouted: “Wow!”


Both the men hugged.


A shot of Prime Minister Narendra Modi now flashed on the screen, as the newsreader continued, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Singapore….”


Akash smiled tiredly at Pran.


“You already knew about it?”


Akash nodded and absent-mindedly picked up an envelope. He took out the card, glanced at it, and pushed it back. It was an invitation to his own function.


“Boss, when do we leave?” Pran asked.

“We have lots of time. The inauguration is after three hours, and the ministers never come on time. Agar aa bhi gaya toh hamari woh Fareeda baithi hai. Sambhal legi. Dad will take care of it. Chal baith, tu bhi le.”


“No, not me. I’m driving,” Pran said solemnly.


Akash knew that this was not the time to drink. He shouldn’t appear sloshed in front of the entire world and the prying media. He took another sip, and changed the news channel. 


And found himself staring at a picture of Zenobia on the screen. The still picture changed to a video shot of Zenobia and he at a party.


The newsreader was ranting:


“In India, the law mandates that the husband be questioned for cases involving the death of a woman within seven years of marriage. Akash and Zenobia had been married for barely two-and-a-half years. And Zenobia had died under mysterious circumstances, falling from the French window of her penthouse! The police always look for ‘the other woman’ in a case like this.”


The TV showed a shot of Suma, followed by a video shot of Suma and Akash emerging from the JW Marriott in Juhu. The newsreader went on: “And they found her in Suma. Suma Malkani, the beautiful ghazal singer.”


The State Minister for Cultural Affairs, Nanasaheb Palekar, was to launch the art school, named after Zenobia Taraporevala-Saigal, that evening at Powai. There had been several protests because of the controversy over her death, but the minister ignored them all.


A protest was planned for the same day by Kapila Khandelval’s NGO. It was unclear whether the NGO would go ahead with the protest or cancel it in view of the clean chit given to Akash by the police.


This project had been his baby and Zenobia’s dream. The government had given the land and the Taraporevalas had put in the money. Fareeda had inserted a business angle even in this dream project of Zenobia’s. The Zenobia-Akash Saigal School of Art had become the Zenobia-Akash Saigal School of Art and Business Management. She also had plans for a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in an annex. The minister had given the nod for that, too.


Akash’s mobile rang.


He looked at the screen and let it ring.


Taking a sip of his drink, he moved towards his den. He stepped into his room, and before he could shut the door, the phone near the bar table rang.


“Boss?” Pran said. “Fareeda is on the line.”


Fareeda would be having kittens without him. Akash’s association with the project had given it respectability and even a cultural cause, and got the plot at one-eighth its market value, and all the permissions.


“Fuck her!” Akash said, but he answered the phone anyway. 


Fareeda seemed frantic.


“The media will be here in three hours. And the minister, too.”


Akash said, “Fuck the media!” and hung up.


The TV newsreader went on:


“Before Akash Saigal hit the big time, he lived in a small apartment in Adarsh Nagar, in the western suburbs. His paintings didn’t earn him enough to buy a decent vehicle. He travelled by buses and cabs. While Zenobia almost took a sabbatical, Akash shot to fame with his mixed media and three-dimensional installations after marrying her.”


Leaning against the soft, cool leather of a luxurious sofa, Akash said, “Cigarettes?”


Pran was already sliding open the glass door of a cabinet. A carton of Marlboros had just one packet left. He gave the packet to Akash, grinned, and threw the carton in the trash box.


They might have been sharing the same flashback, the same past.








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Mohan Deep, is an Indian author, painter and Feng Shui Master. Mohan Deep is the author of ‘The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala’ (1996), ‘It’s My Life’ (Novel) (1997), ‘Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari’ (1998), ‘Eurekha!’ – an unauthorized biography of Rekha. (1999), ‘Four Options’ (2000), ‘Feng Shui for the Bold & Beautiful, the Rich and Famous’ (2001) and ‘Nehru and the Tantrik Woman’ (2002). After a sabbatical of a decade, during which he touched upon the lives of people as a Feng Shui Master, he was back with The Five Foolish Virgins( 2013). Mohan Deep is arguably the only Indian author to write what is often described as controversial, unauthorized star biographies in India. Columnist-journalist and former editor of ‘Illustrated Weekly of India’, Khushwant Singh called him ‘a truly gifted gossip writer’. “The maverick writer”, like columnist-reviewer-poetess.

Tara Patel described him has also been called William Goldman of Bollywood’s stars (By Behram Contractor, the Editor of Afternoon Despatch & Courier) (Source) Kitty Kelly of India (By R K Bajaj, the Editor of ‘The Daily’). Interestingly, almost every book he has wrote/penned has invited controversies for its bold content.

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Book Review : The Lowland

Lahiri has always been an earthy (read earthly also) writer.If you
go through her works like The Namesake,the Interpreter of Maladies(few
of them) you can notice a hangover for the Indian soil.The diasporic
element is somewhat very strong in her discourse.
The latest one(I am yet to go through Unaccustomed Earth)The Lowland
however appears to be the strongest among all.It connects several dots
of family bonding,forbidden love and the spirit of revolution across
On the surface level it is a story of two brothers Subhas and
Udayan,torn apart by the failed movement of communism(yes it has been
a great failure).
On the other hand it deals with one’s responsibility towards family
and the nation.
It highlights the issue that one man’s revolutionary is terrorist for
the other one.Lahiri in a very simplistic manner focuses on the brief
life of he gets attracted towards the ideology of Mao and
Che and how does he meet his dreadful conclusion.
If you have gone through the works in Bengali Literature which dealt
with the Naxalbari Uprising of 70’s in Bengal,you will notice a
singular point of view,where it is narrated from the perspective of a
communist.But Lahiri managed to showcase the otherside through the
remorseful episode of Gauri,where she dives into herpast and remembers
how she helped the communist party to annihilate a vulnerable Police
officer.I mean numerous films like Bhooter Bhobisyot(the latest)
portrays the Cops as the hunter and the comrades as the hunted.This
novel also showcased such incidents but yes thumbs up to Lahiri for
describing another instance where the Police became the prey.Read out
the following.
“But in the world of the party it had also been expected for him to
help kill a policeman.They were symbols of brutality,trained by
foreigners.They are not Indians,they do not belong to India”

(Lahiri,Jhumpa “The Lowland”)

If you have grown up in the communist Bengal,you are bound to strike a
chord with the communist side of the novel,if not then also you will
find it alluring.
Thousands of youth like Udayan lost their brilliant career and faded
into stone tablets.Literally you will weep after you witness the
tragic plight of Kanu Sanyal and Charu Majumder.
Now let me speak about the novel setting. It deals with two locale,one
with that of Rhode Island and the other in Tollygunge.
My knowledge about about American landscape and their way of living
has never been firsthand.But my experience about Tollygunge is
absolutely first hand.I have been there for almost 18 years of my life
in that area,yes the area between the Tollygunge Tram Depot and the
Christian Burial ground and also beyond the grand walls of Tolly Golf
I really relived those parts where Lahiri describes about the nooks
and corners of Tollygunge.We always tend to look for the national
history and overlook the regional history,I am highly impressed with
the eloquent details of Tolly history.
It is a beautiful novel of brotherly bonding,clashes between the
orthodoxy and modernity and of course some messy decision by the lead
characters.In the end you will feel for Udayan,you will love Subhas
and Bela but the character which will leave you intrigued is
Gauri-watch out for the sheer transformation.
Regarding the ending.. ah its up to you to discover.
Someone please translate this novel in Bengali.
N B : Cherish the exchange of letters between Subhash and Udayan.

A Review of Sundari Venkatraman’s An Autograph for Anjali

anjalFirst thing first,I never expected suspense from Sundari Venkataraman,because her work means..some grand romantic adventure.I was having tough time dealing with my research work at the University of Mumbai and suddenly I came across Venkatraman’s work dealing with a crime scene.

Venkatraman has come out of her comfort zone..she presents a gripping tale of murder and fidelity. She sets her story around a cold blooded murder in one of the most posh housing locality of Mumbai.We have some layered character like Parth and the wife of the deceased…and lastly our Mumbai Cop Mr Phadke,so we have a spine chilling murder..some deceitful motive, a finely balanced family friend and the not so shocked wife..

As usual she keeps her language very user friendly and content gripping….I enjoyed the book(3 chapters)..what about you all ?Try it out…

An Autograph for Anjali is going to pump more blood into your cognitive cells.Enjoy Macha.Even I am waiting for it…

NB: I am writing this short review from Meluha,a star hotel at Hiranandani Powai,I can feel the chill. 😛

Scion of Ikshvaku- A Book Review.

Scion of Ikshvaku- A Book Review.

Long ago…I watched a Brad Pitt’s movie named Troy, where Eric Bana(read Hector) mouthed a legendary dialogue.

Hector: All my life I’ve lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her!

Well, Amish Tripathy’s newbie “Scion Of Ikshvaku” booms such impression just like the above quoted interchange.

Just like his previous series on Mahadev,here he takes on the archetypes, fuse them with colloquial language and genuine narrative technique style.

So the hero over here is Prince Ram..his lady love Sita and sidekick Laxman..(ah dear brother of Ram Bhaiya).

One of the most intersesting thing about Amish is that he never allows any magical or supernatural elements to cast a shadow over his mythogical stories ,instead he thrives upon the glory of rational thinking and grand usage of scientific technique.Amish Tripathy balances the role between a faithful & spiritual devotee and a modern critic who tries to analyze the epic as any piece of literary work or an actual events of the past,resulting in the logical explanation of the supernatural elements over there.

If you have the basic idea about the Saptkhand Ramayan..then you are going to relish this novel..and if not..then it’s a Déjà vu for you all.

You should be well aware of the term “NAGAS”..a race born with the uncanny body parts of the hindu mythical figures are part of this race ..for example..we have Jatayu(the saviour bird) and offcourse Hanuman(the Legendary one).

During the Shiva Trilogy, all readers came across the term “Ram Rajya” in the prequel,he is going to tell you ;how Lord Ram gave birth to Meluha?.The story is set during the era when Sapt Sindhu was under the patronage of SamratDasharath of the Raghuclan..(read King Ikshvaku).The story traces his fall at the hand of Ravaan and the subsequent rise of the distorted kingdom under the ostracised Prince Ram..(unlikeRamayan,Ram is not loved by all..he is blamed for the fall of his father)…The grand narrative follows how he becomes a great fella.The story gratifies across time and space.Amish very beautifully crafts the characters of Kaikeyi and Manthara(she is not a dasi over here) and the rebellious Bharat.

Ram,true to his legend is a man of words and a law abider..eventually he becomes a law enforcer.Laxman is probably the greatest supporting character ever..he is just true to the epic.

Like the previous instalment Amish portrays a very strong female Sati is SITA over here..and like her ,she is a skilled warrior.

Now for the plot , buy the book..I am never going to reveal it. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel and a bit more of Hanuman and Ravaan.Enjoy the trailer..enjoy the book.


1.Dialogue Source:

2.The Shiva Trilogy.

3.Valmiki Ramayan.

Maryjane and Marijuana Diaries

It has been over two month or more than that,I haven’t reviewed a book.I got a copy of the book long back..and I have finished going through it.But I haven’t uploaded the review..people who are habituated with my notion of Laziness won’t be surprised..but the main main reason why i am not put up the review is that..I want to go for method reviewing.

You might be wondering what is method reviewing ?

Well even I don’t know,just now I have coined this phrase,long back when Shahrukh Khan was playing the role of Devdas(estranged lover…addicted to drinking)..he opted for method acting,where he used real alcohol to bring authenticity to the character.So I thought why not try this,i.e one Ganja(in chillum or cigarette) for each story.

The compilation by Paulami DuttaGupta is based on addiction,some are obsessed with Football,some with themselves and others with Marijane itself. I am a very lazy smoker,I haven’t tried Ganja for a long time.My motto is…..Ganja is for fun..not to get addicted,so may be thrice in a year or fourtimes in a year.

But for the sake of Marijuana Diaries…I have reached my saturation limit.

So wait for it, a new review with a new outlook,it will be concieved when I will be in trans…and it will be written when I will be experiencing deja vu,people call it Hallucination.


1.The original novel by Sharat Chandra Chatterjee is known as DEBDAS.
2.DEVDAS is a Bollywood adaptation of Sanjay Leela Bhansali of the same novel.
3.Everything is a fiction with a pinch of non fiction..believe it if you like it.
4.Marijuana Diaries,an anthology.

A Book Review of Samit Basu’s Turbulence

Samit Basu’s Turbulence

Basu's Turbulence
Basu’s Turbulence

Samit Basu’s novel ‘Turbulence’ is a turbulent ride of 337 pages.and it delights the readers to the core and teaches a lesson ‘With great Powers comes great Responsibility’.No this is not a Peter Parke flick.but much bigger, a magnum opus of Superheroes.
The book is an amalgamation of X-men series along with The Matrix and The Avengers and ofcourse Heroes,but it is highly original{Desi} in case of narrative and the plot construction.Samit Basu,Kolkata born Novelist exite you ,tickles you and in the end Kickass the Evil in a Grand style.But the best thing about this book,is its humour quotient….sometimes its is black humour.
The Author takes the curiosity quotient of the reader to a great height, the tale tells a tale of some passengers on BAFlight142 from London to Delhi.All of them are blessed with Super powers in flight,Aman is blessed with inbuilt internet connections,Uzma with Charm to make others obey her,Tia-she can duplicate herself like Mitosis cell division into several Tias-multiple existensialism,Sher –transform into a human-tiger state{remember Rahul Roy of Junoon},Vir the handsome IAF pilot,who can fly without aircraft,beside it we have the antagonist Jai-the villain worth Saluting because of his skill and courage..his strength..beside that we have a person who creates Mob Fury..also there are side kicks like Anima,Zothanpuii,Sniper,Premlata,Ilusionnist,Mukesh-the con artist..The characters are from all over India,except Uzma who is a Briton Pakistani
The narrative takes place from Midair in Pakistan,to the hustling Mumbai-digging the beak into the Bollywood lifestyle to the elegnt kahmir valley,reaching zenith in South Goa beach from where it ultimately reaches the climax in LONDON-Basu’s favourite place
Basu’s fusion of recent(2010) headlines of sports{read Ipl,Sourav ganguly’s reference when he was deceptively dropped from Indian cricket team},movies,terrorist attacks, themes of Hollywood-Korean movie streaks are superb
He also makes sarcasm of prototyping Indian Culture by the west{see the streak of post colonialism}.
The nomenclature like Napoleon of Nariman point,Beast of Bandra East are witty and cracking at the same time.The thrill in the pages are worth mentioning,he is never complex,he tells a complex tale of superheroes with sheer simplicity.Pains of superheroes,their psychological revelation is praiseworthy.
Sub-plots of lovestories are weak points of the book,may be the book won’t serve the apetite of too much intellectual class..but they won’t be able to ignore.

the book cover

Sumit Basu’s novel is India’s answer to west about Cool Modern day Superheroes.

Aman’s sheer brilliance,and his efforts deserves a high five,so as Tia’s multiple avatar,and Vir’s fighting spirit-but you will love the cunning Villain Jai-who dreams of making Jaipur{he thinks it is named after him}the global capital punishing Pakistan and China for their enemity with India,deserve kudos.After all who doesn’t want their own nation to the supereme of all?
The Battle episode in Goa looks amateurish in parts but the final battle in London gets a thumbs up (for his detailing of cityscape).He is inspired by Marvel and D comics …and he admits it throughout the novel.
The plot may not be very fresh for the sciencefiction novels,but what draws the attention is Characterization.Basu excelled in introducing every characters in the book,and highlighting the main characters,you will fall in love with the characters,and they will be in your heart surely
The superheros are post-modern,witty,smart-the powers are apt and unique in implementations,and too loud,his narrative is very much scientific in convincing the readers.
At the end you will die to have more,yes you will tempted to have more of Turbulence in your mind
Read it with heart and a free mind..too much analysis will spoil the fantastic fun while reading.Ok this was my first review ever.. 😛

Do check out his latest release “The Adventure of Stoob”

U for Untouchable

Ok by now,all of you know about my lazy nature.I am quiet lazy while picking up any book,but when I do….i read them wholeheartedly.I believe in good books and they should be small in number.I am a voracious reader,but few have left any mark on my cognitive texture.I will be speaking about one such book today.

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I say there is an effect at least by its cover page.While visiting a reputed book shop in Bengluru near Majestic Bus Terminus,I came across a Penguin book with an image of dark skinned Indian teen dressed in traditional Indian apparel.That sort of cover picture was unusual..not at all attractive.Well the book talks about a single day in a life of a sweeper boy..(quiet unusual for a novel narrative).

The cover picture..which caught my attention.
The cover picture..which caught my attention.

Yes I am speaking about UNTOUCHABLE by Mulk Raj Anand.Written during pre independenceera..the novel is so hardhitting that you wonder whether it is a fiction or a real life documentary.WellAnand is himself a social crusader and his work is a treatise against social evil.The protagonist is Bakha , a sweeper boy cleaning human dirt.Anand focusses on a single day of his dark life,whole lives in the pre independence era, as a Bhangi (one who clean toilets). Bakha is not weak, where he is strong and able-bodied. He is all enthusiastic and has his own set of dreams. His dreams vary from to dress like a ‘Tommie’ (Englishmen) in ‘fashun’ to play Hockey.He is deprived of social rights,he is deprived of basic human rights. The novel also deals with an incident where his sister Sohini, is molested by a Purohit..a priest. Bakha protest strongly. He is young but he is so matured.But even lower class Dalit like him should not protest,because they were mere dirt.

They were subhumans.. The ‘dirty’ nature of their work pulls down‘bhangi’s to the last of the table of casts. They were not permitted even to take water from a well and had to wait for hours for the mercy of the upper caste. The food will be given to them by throwing and if they touch anybody by accident they will be punished. Even if they are ready to pay, nobody will teach them. The upper class however doesn’t find this untouchability when they molest their teen girls. It is a typical day in the life of the Bhangi, mixed with hunger, hope, small pleasures, insults and set backs. Add to all the problems, they have no right to protest or express their emotions!! Anand is so real ,that I could literally see Bakha’s plight in front of me. The Cover picture is surely of some one like Bakha,so much of pain,so much of physical and mental labour,yet the determined JAWS makes you feel,he is a real HERO.His statement shows so much of anger and the wiilingness to rebel.

“They think we are mere dirt, because

We clean their dirt.”…..(Bakha)

The novel describes some similar incidents,the relationship between Bakha and his father has been well painted.His relationship with Muslim,with Barrack people,gives the novel a different dimension.

The time belonged to Gandhiji,he is a non fictional character in this novel,who appears in the end. He addresses a crowd about ‘Harijans’. Bakha seemed to be attracted towards Gandhi’s speech.

Not only that Anand touches upon the theme of religious conversions in a subtle manner.Anand showcased the evils of Caste system in Hinduism.He have dealt brilliantly with the postcolonial concepts like ‘Other’, ‘Subaltern’ , Exploitation, Resistance, Mimicry.

Mulk Raj Anand considers that the caste system can only prevail with the job one carries and the easy way to remove it is to upgrade the work environment and bring dignity to each work. We have no right to downgrade any work.

The novel simply shook our conscience. The author criticizes the social injustice with his powerful words. He rips apart the hypocrisy of the powerful. Meaninglessness of worship and its uselessness when it is not practiced is stressed. The book is also a small reminder of ignorance of strength by the lower caste and the need for moral rejuvenation. Above all, ‘any social revolution should be practical’ is another message the book manages to convey.

There is another strong message I felt from the novel. Most of the problems of India were self created. The British could rule India only because the masses were not seriously disturbed by their presence. In the novel, the protagonist is not fearful of the British. This view only reiterates the conclusion that political freedom alone will not solve human misery.

The novel is an example of social weapon against social evil,this is one of the classics in Indian English Literature.The theme of Untouchabilty is age long,and still prevailing. I strongly recommend this book,a simple narrative but a brilliant depiction of the Subaltern Hindu community.

A Book Review of Amrita Chowdhury’s novel Breach

Amrita Chowdhury’s Breach studies the dark side of Cyberworld.The world which is very much part of our daily routine.It is through this world wide web,the world is being managed.But what happens when the security of this world is challanged and compromised, leading to cat-mouse chase across the both sides of GMT.                                 Chowdhury have done extensive research on the plot, which speaks about DATA loss from ACEL( a pharmaceutical Giant), only a week before it was going to file an international patent for a drug.A revolutionary drug aimed at curing answer.But, security breach had been reported from its office in Mumbai.Dr Vir(terrific characterization) an Indian American who wanted to reap the benefits of India’s bumbling economic sector proposed the establishment of an offshore counterpart in India met with mixed reaction.The theft in Mumbai made the matter worse and added to that we have problematic life of Dr Vir.He seemed to be struggling  hard for his relationshipn with American Tracey,but what to do with the highly inflammanle passion towards Ditti.Really Amrita Chowdhury does wonder to the word ‘Ex- Flame’.So beneath a cyber thriller,this is a story of crumbling personal relationships.Believe me,the world is not equal…neocolonialism exist in this sphere,so is racism and awkward tension between the first world people and the third world people.                                Now,you are going to find out more of the storyline…if you buy the book.In recent times,there has been very few cyber thriller from India which can easily challenge the American fictions.A gripping storyline,fast paced movements across continents,adrenaline pumping climax..and a fear …yes you will feel it…Internet is not safe.Lastly..I would like to say,the narrative technique could have been less laced with so much detailing.But ..never mind.. i am using the word ‘been’.Also Chowdhury could have skipped few portions ,as they do not contribute to the plot in an organic way.Do look out for the probable culprits…and be ready to face the real hacker…who not only copy the datum…but also modifies them…Breach is going to be a bestseller. Enjoy the international chase.Let the chase begin…..



Amrita Chowdhury

The Blurb

How secure are your secrets in the virtual world?  Weeks before pharma-giant Acel is ready to file a global patent application for cancer wonder-drug Colare, its offshore data centre in Mumbai is hacked. The charismatic, young leader of its Indian business, Dr Udai Vir Dhingra, finds himself being blamed for negligence and breach of security. Battling market pressures, media scrutiny, livid American bosses and crumbling relationships, Vir must find the perpetrators, or see his career – and his life – spiral downwards. But the deeper he gets dragged into the shadowy world of masked online identities and muddied digital footprints, the more Vir discovers that nothing is easy or obvious, and everything has a price. Set across Mumbai, Washington and Guangzhou, Breach is a compelling and edgy cyber thriller that explores the dark and dangerous underbelly of our increasingly virtual existence

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Meet the Author

Amrita Verma Chowdhury is the author of Faking It, an art crime thriller about fake modern and contemporary Indian art.

She holds engineering degrees from IIT Kanpur and UC Berkeley, where she was a Jane Lewis Fellow, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon (Tepper Business School). Her work as an engineer in Silicon Valley led to seven US patents for semi-conductor fabrication – something to show for those bad-haired days. She has done Strategy Consulting and Board Effectiveness work in the US and Australia and has spent long nights fitting five-syllable words inside two-by-two squares. She has worked in the rarefied bastions of Ivy League education bringing together ideas and people. She currently works in publishing.

She lives in Mumbai with her husband Sumit, their two children Shoumik and Aishani, and an assortment of pets including a cocker spaniel, a guinea pig and two turtles. She loves travelling, baking cupcakes with her daughter and hearing from her readers.

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