F for Frankenstein


F for Frankenstein, the name analogus to fear.I remember my graduation years in Kolkata,when I was an active member of British Council Library…picked up an Everyman’s copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.The legendary tale of Victor Frankenstein’s exploits.The daring process where the scientist want to create another life or resurrect the dead.In one word ,he wanted to be God.As a student of literature,we call this type of works as Gothic Fiction.But what makes it a winner,are the scientific tit bit applied while narrating the story.It is the origin of a modern genre called Science Fiction,a pioneering work.Those who have not read the work…go through it,it will scare the shit out of you.I couldn’t sleep for two nights.Thanks to airtel night promo,i used to talk through the nights.Frankenstein wanted to wake up a good person,but he induced a criminal’s brain and he created a monster.It is antibiblical in many ways,as the protagonist tried to be a God.ThankGod,it was not banned by the pope 😛 . Don’t watch the horrible Hollywood adaptations..Please…. If you are curious …then go for Satyajit Ray’s story about Professor Shonku and Frankenstein…(classic sequel material)

Debraj Moulick