Science Fiction Collection


Publisher – Kalpabiswa


Editors – Dip Ghosh, Santu Bag, Debojyoti Guha

Genre – Science Fiction

First Publication – November 2018.

Buying Link :

One of the most important features of human civilization is evolution or simply a flow or a growth. I wanted to grow as a reader of Science Fiction but somehow I was still stuck in the vortex of Satyajit Ray , Premendra Mitra and Adrish Bardhan. Some people prefer to collect stuff and then eat it. I am a lazy guy and thus, I prefer a well sorted anthology or an omnibus rather than searching for stories across various magazines. Kalpabiswa publications have taken this enormous pain and collected major works (SF) of Siddhartha Ghosh and yes, we have beautiful hard bound cover stuff for us.

As a vigorous reader you will come across science stories, scientific stories and yes science fiction, speculative fiction(?) among others. I have always enjoyed the stories which revolve around a central character like the adventures of Professor Shonku, Ghanshyam Das and Natboltu Chakra etc. Today, I have another endearing character – Jhontu Mama to my list. The most astonishing fact about these stories is the contextual relevance you can find in them. These were written and published almost  forty years ago yet it feels so contemporary and yeah, millennial too.

Hey Folks! Get ready to explore the mysterious world of million possibilities of Siddhartha Ghosh. Some are social, some are humorous, some stories need your basic knowledge of physics, maths, chemistry, geographical maps and yes history too. Thus Mr. Ghosh teaches and delights the reader at the same time and if you feel tired by the books of knowledge, yaba yaba do – Jhontu Mama will be at your rescue. I have tried to translate the stories in hindi (orally) and narrate it to my flatmate. He is  hardcore non-reader. But he was enjoying it. OMG !

So I would request Kalpabiswa to translate these stories into other languages. Ah! I am going to place an order for the sequel. Buy it from the Kalpabiswa webstore and avail the discount.

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