Dr.A.V Koshy’s A Treatise on Poetry; A Book Review

Book : A Treatise on Poetry

Author : Ampat Koshy


This is such a great reference, easy to read and a go-to book that sums up in a simple and succinct way what every poet should be keenly aware of, and keep as a bedside companion! I will as I learn, unlearn and relearn my own writing and reading abilities – Kashiana Singh.

The Dilemma, The Consequent Jump & The Review
Ampat Koshy’s A Treatise on Poetry inspired me to jump from radar of commercial reviews to the high-end vessel of academic reviews.
So, I will be reviewing a critical book which criticises other existing theories. These theories have criticised their forefathers, who have criticised the authors/poets. The poets have been inspired by other poems and they have been inspired by the form and the form is a representation of ideal and I love Plato.
Koshy’s A Treatise on Poetry is a joyride to the world of meter, rhymes, imagery and other existing parts of poetry and criticism. This book can be read as a student of literature who can easily connect the dots of voracious references throughout the entire length of the book. Now, for the nibbis and the nibbas of literature, wait for an academic review of the book. Ah, the other readers who are fond of literature ( For Plato, literature is poetry) but lacks the general discipline or the training to study ( not just read) poetry, this is the book which you have been looking since ages. Aww ! you have been forced to study technology and other materialistic subjects but in the core, you like to recite poems, quote dialogues and sometimes write them too.

This book is a Post Modern piece which focuses upon the newest kind of literature in the block, social media literature or Facebook Literature. English Literature displays various forms and genres like novel, epic, lyric, ode, tragedy, comedy, satire, non-fiction and many more. This book records the narrative of the new age i.e, comments and status lines on Facebook, remember the war of words on Twitter? Do not take it lightly.
It traces the history, it questions the history or rather historicity and it adds personal experience to every section. I would call it a bit biased and blatantly honest. The book doesn’t seem to please or displease anyone but rather it showcases the trends and tries to play it with personal or rather subconscious examples without any kind of complex literary stuff. The author is pleased with rhymes, Bob Dylan and yes Malayalam Poetry.
No need to disassociate the artist from his art, art might be created in a vacuum ( read new criticism ) but criticism always comes with personal experiences. The author tries to create a balance between ordinary language, the language of literature and language of the academic writing with great examples and justifies his comments with proper chain of logical explanation.
The book shines because of the scholarship of the author, the bold attitude of the author and of course his ability to create two/ three lines poems at various intervals of the book. He shows the way to rectify and he is the first one to try.
The book leads by example……
The book follows the tradition of the famous critics, poets and provides ample commentary about individual talent too.
He condemns the usage of literary jargon or ornamental literary devices.
The narrative is relaxed and allows the readers to breathe
It records the advent of new-age literature and it smashes age-old barriers.
I missed the comments and the book could have been stretched a bit more.

Verdict : This is something innovative, do not miss it.

About The Author

Dr. Koshy A.V. is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the English Department of Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. He has many books, degrees, diplomas, certificates, prizes, and awards to his credit and also, besides teaching, is an editor, anthology maker, poet, critic and writer of fiction. He runs an autism NPO with his wife, Anna Gabriel.

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