An Actual Insignificant Case Of A Significant Author : An Anecdote

An Anecdote

If you are a kid of 90’s, you must have heard about the famous tagline of Raymond fabrics – ” The Complete Man.” Now, keep this analogy inside your mind and let us proceed. I hope you are familiar with the notion of anecdote, well it deals with an incident (mostly amusing ) about a real person, Dr. Santosh Bakaya (over here).

Santosh Bakaya, Who ?

Dr. Santosh Bakaya, recipient of the International Reuel Award for writing and literature [2014] for her long narrative poem, Oh Hark!,
  Setu Award [2018], Bharat Nirman Award for literary excellence [2017] Keshav Malik Award [2019], is an academic- poet- novelist- biographer – essayist -Ted Speaker- creative writing mentor, whose Ted talk on the Myth of Writers’ Block is very popular in creative writing circles. 

The Insignificant Case Of A Significant Author
Crime : Unsocial Attitude upon Social Media
Suspect : Santosh Bakaya
Judge : Ampat Koshy ( the great, Dr. Koshy)
Prosecutor : Debraj Moulick

Welcome to another day of self- introspection, where I will be adding some jest to your timeline by applying the theory of SWOT analysis on a few guinea pigs.
Today, we have Dr. Santosh Bakaya, an award-winning poet, author but a total nincompoop (I have been dying to use this word).

Well, she can create wonderful paragraphs on human emotions, plays with the psyche of characters in her poems, mesmerizes the audience with her recitations but she cannot locate the post option in Instagram. I woke up this morning and logged into Facebook and came across some political posts of Dr. Koshy and of course some social and rhetoric posts too. But, Bakaya’s rendition of “ The Same Nightmare Yet Again” recorded on the occasion of World Poetry Day ( yeah, I am a few hours late).
Thus a seriously acclaimed author of Ballads of Bapu, an award-winning academician and poet got high voltage praise on her Facebook profile from the greatest noob of all time( yeah, me) and with the help of conversation threads, it was finally exposed that Bakaya doesn’t know about handling Instagram account, no clue about her account( it is there) and she is having no idea about posting stuff over there or how to appear on the Live thread of Instagram.
That is my case, my Lord (Dr. Ampat Koshy) I need a serious, earnestly serious verdict about the dimwittedness of this legend, Dr. Santosh Bakaya. Please deliver justice, whether the society will be able to accept this unsocial behaviour regarding a social platform ?

P.S – Don’t tell me, my Lord …even you have no clue about the same…

World Poetry Day : 21/03/2020

GAP of 3 Months…. ok Almost

Today, yes now : 12/06/2020

Dr. Bakaya is very busy with her academics, creative stuff among others. I asked her yesterday, ” Madam, What about Instagram ? ”

She was : ” Still miles to go before sleep” ( Sorry, Mr. Frost)

Verdict : Some people never change, Dr.Bakaya is the role model of those people.

Few Important Stuff About Dr. Bakaya

She runs a much appreciated column, Morning Meanderings, in Learning and Creativity. Com. which will soon have  a kindle version.  
Her poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi [Ballad of Bapu], has been internationally acclaimed.
Under the Apple Boughs [Poetry], Where are the lilacs? [Poetry], Songs of Belligerence [ Poetry ], Flights from my Terrace [ Personal essays ],  Bring out the tall Tales ,[short stories with Avijit Sarkar], A Skyful of Balloons  [novella ] are some of her books  which have received laurels.  Her latest book is a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. [Only in Darkness can you see the Stars]

Listen : I hope you have read the entire stuff, do check her list of books in Amazon and you will understand the concept of being Complete, yes Complete Woman of Literature.

You are free to post your verdict.

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