Aniruddha Dey’s The Thin Line: A Book Review

Title: The Thin Line

Author: Aniruddha Dey

Genre: Thriller, Paranormal Thriller

Platform: Amazon Kindle

Language: English

The Thin lin



The Thin Line is a novella which centers around the altercation of two women belonging to different cultures and different backgrounds. Geeta is a highly successful woman but in her continuous pursuit of ambition, she has somewhere lost one of her dearest possession -her husband Gaurav. Then enters Sonali-who challenges every notion and every idea that Geeta ever felt proud of.
It is a clash of thoughts and a thriller with an unexpected twist at the end. The story reveals how perception can be deceptive. Two women whose egos are at war actually reveals a horde of emotions, numerous layers of our psyche and our society at large


Great things do come in a small package and The Thin Line is definitely one of them. Aniruddha Dey weaves a glamorous world of careers & cocktails with the city of Mumbai in the backdrop. It tells the story of royal Geeta, loyal Gaurav ( is Gaurav really a loyal one? ) and yes mysterious Sonali, the voluptuous babe. The plot follows the life of an urban couple in the busy conurbation, Mumbai. With great fame, great success in career come a great price. It questions your pursuit for the material wealth and whether all the success is worth your happiness? Find out…

For the entire story, buy the book.

Let me tell you about the craft of the author. Dey is extremely calculative in his word count, he makes sure that every line is important and each word is countable. Thus, the author hooks you up to the plot, he builds up the tension and then he hits you hard with a strong peg of single malt. The climax will make you say. “ Oh Fuck !” ( This fuck stands for admiration).

Geeta emerges as the strongest character in the book, I hope the author would develop a story on Geeta’s life. Gaurav is a strong one but yet he remains somewhat in the background. Sonali, well she is sexy and yes she is something else.

Aniruddha Dey has written a smart thriller, a good weekend read and this should be definitely on your list if you are fond of twists, especially an out of the world twist.

Grab a copy from Amazon.


A simple narrative style.

A plot with a gripping climax.

Good character development.

A captivating cover picture.


A bit more of Gaurav’s psyche.

Verdict: 4/5

Buying Link: Amazon


About the Author

The author of this book is a strange phenomenon actually. He has been a prolific painter and a brilliant student who lived by choice and not by chance. A scientist by profession and an ex-IITian his passion lies in telling stories and solving other people’s problems. His interests encompass fields of Art, Politics, Science and Technology, Psychology (including Para-psychology), Sociology, Political Analysis, Film making, Religion and Philosophy, Law and the list goes on. He lives like an explorer on this Earth exploring the various facets of life in his own unique way juggling between various aspects at his own will.


ani d


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