Waiting for Will, #Napowrimo29 #Prompt29 #Absence

Death is the new beginning
Beginning is always tough
Tougher it is to move ahead and flow
Flowing is not an option, it is the only option
Option which depends upon only one thing, it is you
You are the master of your accord
Your own will, your destiny,
Destiny depends upon your will
Will, my friend, where is the Goddamn will ?
Will to strive
Will to derive
Will to survive
Survive, that part of speech is nowhere now
Now, the struggle of existence is going away
Away or near, it is over, there and here
Here, we have only fear
Fear is such a constant thing
Thing is that fear is associated with the microbe
Microbe is affecting the body
Body might recover and what about the mind?
Mind is getting drowned
Drowned in the abyss of worklessness
Worklessness is creeping inside the system
System is collapsing, collapsing due to the cringe
Cringe in the economy, economy which based on people
People are known for their work
Work is nowhere; there is no way for work to work
Work cannot function without Will
Will, lost in oblivion.

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