Goodbye Jester #NapoWrimo28 #Prompt28

Who are we?
We being, me and you
You are a bigger part of the cosmos
Cosmos is everything
Everything is You.
You are infinity
Infinity is your power
Power is your identity
Identity is essential
Essential it is, to make a mark.
Mark is your footprints
Footprints are your legacy
Legacy is all we have
Have you ever thought?
Thought about the strength of Legacy?
Legacy is an answer
Answer to the people
People who are going to inhabit this beautiful earth
Earth is rare, we have only one
One is beautiful but scary
Scary if it is over-ridden by pestilence.
Pestilence of neo-colonialism
Neo-colonialism which is a successor of colonialism
Colonialism which is rooted in imperialism
Imperialism which is a cousin of Capitalism
Capitalism gave us superpowers
Superpowers, which exploits the poor, weak
Weak we are, weaker we are every day.
Every day, they are draining the cheap labours
Labours are living hell
Hell is not beneath
Beneath is a farfetched concept
Concept exists over here, amidst us, over here
Here is the living hell
Hell created by the first world
World has become their slaves
Slaves are dying, we are dying
Dying is real, the reality is death
Death is the truth.
Truth is the only thing that is real
Reality is very very harsh,
Harsh it is, the reality is brutal
Brutal is life, life is but a tragedy
Tragedy is reality
Reality is violent, gory, harsh and bitter
Bitter is life
Life is not an act of jest
Jest is dead
Dead is the Jester.


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