Mad Hatter, Let’s Go, Poem – 4, The Mad Hatter Series #NapoWrimo27, Prompt – 27 Prompt – Travel

Mad Hatter, Let’s Go, Poem – 4, The Mad Hatter Series
#NapoWrimo27, Prompt – 27 , Prompt – Travel
Moonshine was really really good
Fucking awesome, intoxicating nasha                   (nasha – Intoxication)
I won’t apologize for my third world bhasha      (bhasha – Language)
But, I made a mistake, passed out without having food.
Ah, this rover and this throbbing pain
And this John drives like crazy
Then, there is Babe, full-on insane
Wake up Babe, stop being so lazy.
Virginia is a beautiful place
With blue ridge mountain over there
Shenandoah is plentiful on subsurface
Life is old, very old over here.
John asked us to stay, offered us his house
Babe received an embroidered blouse
He gave me a warm tight hug
Babe was blabbering about some absurd bug.
We denied the entrapment within four walls
She was bitten by a bug, I was by wanderlust
To move ahead, to see the great rivers and falls
The Nimbus was fixed and we started really really fast.
I must tell you, yes, I will tell you
I hardly praise anyone but only a few
Babe was humming a nice tune, an absurdist journey song
By Gulzar the Punjabi and Kishore the bong.
Cold unruly wind along with us
The Pacific Ocean beneath us
Babe and Brat are on the go
Musafir hoon Yaaro, ready steady and po.
N.B – We spotted few birds like seagulls, albatross and myna
Oh, fuck is that the Great Wall? Fuck, that is red Chinaaaa.


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