The Mad Hatter Reloaded #Napowrimo25 Prompt- Window


witchyI have lost the count of days and nights

I have lost the battle; I am tired with endless fights

I haven’t seen the witch; I haven’t seen the moon & sun

I have been condemned, for refusing to pen something fun.


I receive food from the dirty goblins

At times, they tickle me with long nasty nails

This is Dante’s Hell, jail of the jails

I am a sport for the trolls and hobgoblins.


I am still looking for a hope

I hope someone will offer me a rope

To climb the high wall, to reach the casement

An Angel will save me from the hellish basement.


Nothing happens, noone comes, nobody passes by

I could feel the chill; I guess the Winter is here

I wrote a letter, gave it to the Goblin, waiting for a reply

Close that hopeless window, snow flakes are here



And, then  Baggity Baggity Boom Boom

Through the window, the Witch arrives upon her nimbus Broom

Sorry! Dear, I was tricked into an offshore assignment

Get up, pack your bag, we are getting out of the basement.


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