The Mad Hatter Diaries, Poem 3 of the Mad Hatter Series, #NapoWrimo26 , Prompt 26

The Mad Hatter Diaries,
Poem 3 of the Mad Hatter Series, #NapoWrimo26 , Prompt 26
“Places you can find love
Its sits around lurking in places”
Oh, Brat that is a wonderful line
Did you scribble it?
No, I think it is a line a by Keats
Babe, you mean one of the young romantics?
Yep, he was stylish, sensual and highly quoted in semantics.
Brat, you need to loosen up
You need to get rid of the junk
Nimbus is having issues in putting up
Or else, this mission impossible might flunk.
Oh, you fatty the fat
With old fashioned jumbo hat
You want me to get rid of the bag
So that you can continue with your aimless wig wag
Oh dear asshole Brat
Check your words, you loudmouth
You are bloody uncivilized, bloody uncouth
Remember, I am the one who saved you from that stinky habitat.
Just sit straight; I am looking somewhere to land
Oh, there is a muggle in trouble,in the blue mountain land
Ah, there is a beautiful blue car, with a nice looking girl
Buckle up Brat, we are crash landing near the blue pearl.
Ah, that throbbing pain
Oh, that out of the world landing
Where is the Witch? Pagli, I mean insane
Ah, thank God, that golden hair girl with a bob cut is still standing.
The car was a limited edition
Babe, said “Do you want an image ?
I was like, “Oh yes, you know my intuition”
Popped up a DSLR, the shot was savage.
The witch fixed the car
The girl with the round spec was flabbergasted
She had a bob cut, “I will take you two to a bar.”
I was happy, my lungs, liver and heart were inflated.
I bowed my head and said, “ Thank you Madam.”
I am the Brat and this is my rescuer the Babe
Wait, the girl said, I think you are mistaken, so is your Babe
I am John from Denver, I cannot be your Madam.
Humse mat pucho kaise, Mandir tuta Sapno ka
I was like, behenchod Daru Lao
I want to jump from my Jharokha
Babe be like, “ Brat Shant Ho Jao.
John offered me a strange drink
I was heartbroken, I was on the brink
The brink of heartbreak, the edge of devastation.
John said that moonshine is misty, quite a sensation.
I drank, I drank like a real real brat
I heard that John was speaking about some verse, some line.
Babe was having some serious creative chitchat
Babe said, “Name it Country Roads, it will be amazingly fine.”
N.B -And unlike the Chainsmokers, I couldn’t find love at the backseat of a blue rover, but I found myself.
Feel it ?


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