The Face That Launched Thousand Ships, NaPoWriMo #8. Prompt : Inspiring words from Poets on a Twitter bot .



The last line from T.S Eliot’s Poem – ” The Wasteland ”

Shantih is a Sanskrit word which means Peace, like eternal peace.


Shantih     shantih     shantih,

For God sake hold your  beauty and let them live

The constant cacophony is tearing me from inside,

The constant state of being numb is just a show on outside,

I am raging and I will not go gentle into the night,

I will pull up my resources and offer you a fanatical fight

The beauty of your face is nothing but a farce,

Though, you might have been the subject of a blind poet’s verse

You unfaltering beauty is a death trap,

For you, Hector is in a frozen nap

You are the root cause of all that is bad upon this land

Slain bodies are lying buried in the sand.

Your face has launched thousand ships

You have brought wrath upon my beloved city

Oh, that is not divine but a cursed beauty

Paris should have been careful,

These nymphomaniacs  made my life woeful

You should burn, you should burn in hell

I have lost my boy, I have lost my city

You must die a thousand death

The people deserve a better place

The history deserves a better queen,

You must be wiped out for the sake of eternal peace

Come, drink this, for you must cease and you must have some peace ….

Shantih ! Shantih! Shantih..

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