Life is Fishy

Life Is Fishy

#NapoWrimo6 #TheSignificantLeague


Oh, Mr Tambourine Man, last song for me,

Oh, I am not supposed to hum a tune to myself

Oh, I am not her anymore

Oh, I am just it now

Na saans hai, Na gender

Bass pani hi paani hai charo taraf…

Oh, once upon a time,

I was a dangling beauty,

With huge round melons and a bootiful booty,

The posh gluttony was the only high,

The orgy parties were the only sigh

Treachery was the lease of life

But, I maintained my image as a dutiful wife

Bath was my hometown

That bugger named Chaucer wrote a few tales

And I became the object of frown

That year it did not rain heavily

People began to store crops mercilessly

People didn’t come out of the house

The fear of contamination was gripping the society

I couldn’t continue my escapades

I starved out of huger

I starved owing to lack of men

I died, I died and then I came again

Here, I am again

Swimming in the lake Swan near the tree

I feel like I have no bond, I am free

Poets are here for my company

Painters are here for my company

Lovers are here for my company

But, I am afraid of those fuckers

Those fuckers come up with fish hooks and catch my kin

Those fuckers eat us up and throw the endoskeleton in the nearby bin

My scales are my possession, so is my left fin.

That curly poet is here with a wavy hair beauty

And they smoke and they sing….


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