Abby Ka BreakUp


The eccentric etherized lover wakes up from the sluggish slumber

He moves towards the cadaverous gates of Inferno, two in number

Where he is encountered by the mighty deity of Underworld

Abby couldn’t bear the hideous sight of cunning Hades.

Abby loses his vision, deafness hits him hard

Darkness engulfs him, he tries to run like a coward

The putrefied bodies were screeching through his nasal nerves

Thousand splendid suns are charring through his skin

He stumbles upon the fiery ground , tastes the blood

The sweat bead appears upon his forehead

As soon as he receives a blow on his cheek

Look at you Mr. Prufrock , you jackass , hopeless lover

Stop taking those colourful pills, I will get you something real

Get up and show some courage, some manly zeal

Abby! You have wasted your age, chasing them

It’s not Abby, it is Abbishake..

The puny God looks puzzled..

Get up Abby, you jerk

Get up and give them a taste of your manhood

The God of Mischief passes a dose of manhood

Abby regains his senses, he feels good.

He comes out of the Vatican Pub and books an Uber

Inside the modern beast, he becomes momentarily sober

He visits the house of his beloved

The mischievous pill begins the lusty act

He is pillaging the temple of love, he threatens her to surrender

He is tearing the cloth of the virtuous beloved, Moll Flander

He enjoys the demonic act, orgasmic high

And now he decides to cover up the act

Behenchod ! Zinda hi gaar dengey and he begins to cover up the tract.

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