Eye of Hell, NaPoWriMo 4, An Account of A Dream

Tolkien’s Sauron, a graphical representation of Hell’s eye mentioned in the poem

I could hear the shrill cry, the wailing of babies,

I could hear the heavy breath of the fallen,

As if it was trying hard to step out of the debris

The river was raging, it was terrifyingly swollen.

The eye was watching us,

It was oozing with boils and pus,

It was moving errantly, creating a massive fuss

The burning eye was watching us.

The eye of the Hell was squealing like the tortured Azkaban lunatics,

It was screeching with like the blazing Sauron,

It was pointing finger at the mindless destructions caused by the fanatics,

Then the eye shut itself and the world was gone.

The eye was burning with desire as if it was savouring the smell of the putrified flesh

The world was getting trapped like poisoned prey inside Shelob’s mesh

Everywhere there was a burial of the dead and the Wasteland was echoing the vastness of eternity

It was waiting for a Messiah to save it from the devilish sempiternity.

The profound darkness is the only truth we live in..

However, the sleep was disrupted with a distant scream

I thought it was from her or some distant kin,

I couldn’t feel the physical presence, it was but a dream.

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