Gunaah : A Film Review


Gurpreet , Suman 


 Story: Tanmoy De

 Screenplay: Maushumi Mukherjee

 Cinematography, Editing & Promotion: Aniket Ray Chowdhury

Music Composition & Directed by Somagni Biswas

Featuring Vocal: Ulfat (Rupali and Abhijit)

Lyricist: Ulfat (Rupali)

Direction: Arijit Mukherjee

 Produced by: Arijit Official

Concept of the Short Film

 The story of GUNAAH is all about a couple, called Suman and Gurpreet, This short film carries the story of the happiest couple to one day how they lost everything for a mistake in life, and how carelessness can make your life like hell, and why Gurpreet killed her wife and did the GUNAAH. 



Gunaah is a genuine study of modern-day marital discord. Arijit Mukherjee brings another short feature film with relatable issues like carelessness, the fragility of the male ego and the eagerness to showcase bravado on two wheels. The film is objective to the core and it never loses the focus anywhere…

It is a good thing that the director is coming up with various social messages in his work and he is doing it in the best possible way.


Gurpreet steals the show as the loving husband and the responsible sinner. It is a very good thing for a feature film when the main lead can convince the audience with his performance. He keeps it grounded and expressive in almost every scene. There are some bird-eye shots and the film canvas looks very colourful. There is hardly any room to complain about the editing. It is crisp and clear as usual. However, the Hindi dialogues could have been better in a few scenes. All in all the film is a good watch and it serves the society, art for society’s sake. The concept is really simple, organic and it is one of the most promising areas of Gunaah.


The concept of the film.

Gurpreet’s acting…

Crisp Editing…

Excellent cinematography

Balanced direction…


Length of the film

Few Hindi dialogues

The Hindi vocals and the lyrics could have been a bit better (entirely personal point of view)

Rating – 3.5/5


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