The Forgotten Army: A Review

The Forgotten Army

Season 1 (2020)

Amazon Prime

Genre – Historial, Period, War, Drama

Director – Kabir Khan

Actors – Sunny Kaushal, Karanvir Malhotra, Sharvari and many more


Kabir Khan’s The Forgotten Army is a gracious tribute to the first men in uniform who fought for India’s liberation. Kabir Khan takes a mammoth task of re-creating armed independence movement of India amidst the uptight situation of second world war. Shyam Benegal’s The Forgotten Hero focused on Subhas Chandra’s life and his role as the supreme leader of INA, Vishal Bharadwaj’s Rangoon touched upon few facets of INA struggle but there was hardly any attempt to tell the tale from soldier’s pov and rather than from the perspective of a British Indian soldier. Thus, it is a noble tale of honour, bravery, courage and sacrifice.


Sunny Kaushal as the dynamic, logical and passionate Captain Sodhi shines like a bright star in the web-series. Karanvir Malhotra as the aged Captain Sodhi soothes the audience with a calm, cool and broken avatar of a war hero. The horrors of war have been nicely crafted in the screenplay, Malhotra does justice to the role. Sharvari as Maya has done a very good job. The acting department is one of the strongest parts of The Forgotten Army.


The screenplay lacks the pace in few places since it dilutes itself with pop patriotism. The love angle between the lead pairs could have been maturely handled and it demanded less focus over here.

Apart from acting, one of the striking features of the show is the historical authenticity. Kabir Khan did a brilliant job of stringing various facets of second world war, INA war into the screenplay and the historians won’t complain about it. The VFX and cinematography looked highly polished and never over the top. The aerial shots looked promising, it was a delight to watch.


SRK’s voiceover was simple yet organic, it was a necessary evil as most of INA’s history is not a part of history textbooks in India, forget the world.

The show reveals few interesting points like England has got a war memorial for the animals slain in World War but not the Indians. The bigot nature of Britishers while recruiting Indian soldiers and thus creating a bias among the so-called warrior castes like Pathans, Rajputs with the others. The Forgotten Army brings into limelight about the creation of first women regiment in a modern army, The Rani Laxmibai Brigade of INA. It could have been left loose over there, but it was stretched too much.

The show is well-researched, well-acted, well shot. Go for it. I would suggest watching it on laptop/pc rather than on the mobile screen.


Well-researched and historical accuracy

Brilliant acting, production design and makeup

The chemistry between Sodhi and Arshad, genuinely well crafted

Pritam’s background score acts a character, plus point

The cinematography, voice-over, well-edited.

It keeps a neutral side showcasing the atrocities of both Britishers and Japnese on the natives of Singapore.

Beautiful climax and juxtaposition with the modern-day situation in Myanmar


The love story could have been cut short

The bluebird as the metaphor or the guiding light, kill me.


Ratings – 3.5/5 and love for the brave attempt.

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