Chernobyl : Hard-Hitting & Disturbing

Chernobyl (2019) Mini-series

Available on HOT STAR

Creator- Craig Mazin

Based on Voices from Chernobyl (1997) by Svetlana Alexievich

Director- Johan Renck

Genre- Historical drama, Political, there is horror too

Actors – Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, Paul Ritter and many more


2019 has been an exciting year for HBO. First, the hype regarding Game of Thrones, the subsequent fall from grace and they needed a saviour to rescue them.

Chernobyl (2019) is the saviour that HBO hoped for and I guess it has delivered the craft with near perfection.

First of all, the makers deserve kudos for choosing such a controversial subject, researching extensively and finally drafting a classic script. The screenplay could have been more layered since the viewers never come across the reaction of the World and also the people in and around Chernobyl. This is the only place, where it falters mildly.

these two are the strongest pillars of the show, the way their relationship works…it is wonderful

Now, the three major characters Professor Legasov, Commander Boris and Kimchuk essayed by Jared Harris, Stellan Skasgard, Emily Watson respectively deserves applause for their realistic portrayal(s) throughout the five episodes. The screenplay keeps you busy and curious at the same time. Dyatlov essayed by Paul Ritter resembles the cranky corporate bosses and believe me, I wanted to punch him hard, well that is the brilliance of textbook acting.

most disturbing stuff, the big guy is teaching the young one to kill the pets, since they are already under the effect of radiation


The background score is awesomely eerie and runs a chill down the spine. The series remains extremely faithful to the historical facts and that is where Chernobyl wins. The production design, the resemblance of the characters with the actual figures, the dialect and lastly the cinematography remains so natural and realistic that the viewer might feel that they are having a conversation with them in Soviet Russia. I would like to mention the brilliant usage of make-up for the patients in Moscow, it irritates and draws sympathy. Please watch this one, you might regret missing this beauty by John Renck.


In the end, Chernobyl remains one of the most perfectly crafted series by HBO after Band of Brother. It draws a conclusion, State is the enemy of the man and Socialism is evil (my point of view).

Paul Ritter Dyatlov MAIN.jpg
One word, Fuck you. Dyatlov – the villain to remember


Warning – This series will disturb your conscience and make you question about the values, morals and ethics.


The casting, the acting.

The make-up of the Chernobyl victims.

The squad assigned to kill the pets, the scenes were tragic.

The haunting background score.

The sound of the dosimeter throughout the narration.

The minimal usage of VFX.

The conversation between the minister of coal and the coal miners.

Minister of Coal amidst his people..

And now we know how a nuclear reactor works.

The courtroom scene in the end.

ChernobylEpisode 5/finale, debut 6/3/19: Jared Harris.
photo: Liam Daniel/HBO
this guy, Harris and this scene,well  do check


Misses out the OTHER  point of views.

Ratings – 9.5/10


Disclaimer – The images has been taken from the internet.

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