Padmaavat : The Movie Review




Players : Ranveer Singh , Shahid Kapoor , Deepika Padukone , Aditi Rao Hydari

Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Writers : SLB and Prakash Kapadia

Source : Malik Mohammed Jayasi’s Padmavat

Genre : Historical Fiction / Drama/ Romance

First thing first, the name of the movie should have been Khilji ki Khujli or just like Batman vs Superman  ( read Ratan vs Alauddin ). You might think that I’m trying to be funny (which is absolutely right) but I am exactly on the point.

The movie belongs to Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.

Characterization and Acting

Sanjay Leela Bhansali introduces the three principal characters within first 15 minutes and he does it right again this time. The movie hall was jumping with claps and whistles when the kohl-eyed lunatic  Alauddin appeared with his prized Ostrich in front of heavily beefed up Raja Murad, Ranveer made sure each and every frame belongs to him.Yes, the insane charm and delusive aura of this man as a performer makes you hate him and this is where Ranveer outclassed himself from others in the film. I don’t have enough words to praise …Chaa gaye . 😀


Shahid Kapoor compliments Ranveer in every frame , if Ranveer appears to be favourite among the audience, it is because of Shahid’s traditional and controlled sense of expressions throughout the movie. Kapoor had similar doses of insane characters in Haider and Udta Punjab. But this time he plays the point of reference for the audience to make a gullible distinction between two male leads of the movie. One thing, Kapoor knows where to draw the line and how to connect with the audience. Honesty, valour, righteousness were in his facial expressions, body language, dialogue delivery..well everything. This is actual acting where the audience can feel the character.

Deepika Padukone, you are a class but why didn’t you act? That flatbed expression from Ram-Leela via Bajirao Mastani up till here. You did such a brilliant job in Piku, what happened here? You had a tailor-made role which you could have easily pulled off, sorry not at all happy with your acting over here. You looked graceful and every bit of a leader, Ghoomar belongs to you but it was Aditi Rao Hydari who did a great job as an actress. She appeared more beautiful and convincing to me.


Malik Khafur essayed by the Jim Sarbh was a treat to watch on 70mm. He is an evil-minded genius and a horny individual. Well, I think this was the most historically accurate characterisation in the movie. Just work on your accent, it appeared funny this time.

Bisexual attitude was accurately portrayed.


The Craft of the movie

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is obsessed with triangular love stories. Just think about his all other films (except Khamoshi, Black, Saawariya, Hum Dil de Chukey sanaam..oh I miss Ajay Devgan ) where lovers doesn’t meet. You know the plot here or redirect yourself to Wikipedia. Bhansali doesn’t disappoint you as a director with a keen vision for cinematography, cinematic thrills, background score, extracting the best from the acting crew but he could have worked more on the art of story-telling. Somewhere the movie becomes too predictable and lengthy. This is not one of your best as a director, dude you made Black and Bajirao, they were far better directed. But no doubt this is a magnum opus and you deserve the credit for pulling it off. Claps for you. The movie is treat to watch.

Well, one thing for sure, there is a lack of unity among the Rajputs, refer to Jodha- Akbar also.

Mr Chatterjee the cinematographer, take a bow. Loved each and every framing of the movie, you are a real star over here and it is not an easy job to work on such a periodical piece. It was raw in Afghanistan, dark in Delhi, soothing in Sinhala and royal in Rajasthan. You deserve an award. The Jauhar scene was such a beauty…loved it, man. But why the close-up shots looked straight out of Smartphone cameras where the faces looked like they got rid of pimples, dark spot ..3D effect was not at all needed.

Believe me, the background score is a memorable one and two other songs Ghoomar and Ek Dil chain will remain with the audience, but what was that with Khali Bali, Ranveer tried a Malhari, please don’t do that again. The song picturised on Malik Khafur and Ranveer, spare the horror.

The Production Design is a class in itself. Hugs to the team of Production Design.

But Sanjay Bhansali is a clever man, he designed a product to connect with the audience and the experience was really a good one. You won’t sob in silence but  you will be delightful to watch it on the big screen.Ashutosh Gowariker is a master storyteller for historical fictions and Sanjay Bhansali comes next. But Bhansali is bolder and an expert in studying different cultures. But why does the characters falls for each other by getting injured ? Remember , Bajirao- Mastani and this one else.



Ranveer, Ranveer, Ranveer with his mannerisms, eye contact, dialogue delivery and craziness loaded package was entertaining and delightful to the core.

Shahid’s  effortless acting.

Superb Casting.

Background Score

The presentation of Ghoomar Song.

Excellent cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee.

Perfect production design.

Well-choreographed fight sequences between Khilji and Rana.

The right dose of violence.

The Jauhar scene belongs to Deepika and she looked like a Goddess..Jai Bhawani.

Beautiful Colour Co-ordination.

The scene where the Rajput General keeps on fighting, in spite of his head being chopped off.Claps

The intense scenes between Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.


Deepika’s expressions

Horrible VFX

The script could have been much better

The length of the movie

The climax scene was rushed but highly enjoyable.


Ratings – 8/10

N.B – Ranveer is actually the SRK of Darr, ek tarfa Pyar / Havas..yehi Hota hain.

Huh – “ Ek jung, Husn ke naam”

Where was the parrot that was mentioned in the poem Padmavaat ?

Fun fact – According to the poem , Ratan Sen not Singh was killed by another Rajput who was eyeing Rani Padmavaati and Alauddin Khilji never got a chance to see any of them.

I’m still wondering why Karni Sena is upset?

The Jauhar scene deserves a song by Rihanna

Deepika singing – “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn.”

Ok, don’t kill me. 😛

Disclaimer – Images from Karni Sena’s personal web browsers. Lol..just joking.

Check out the trailer.







12 thoughts on “Padmaavat : The Movie Review

  1. Anonymous

    i enjoyed the climax ..the way it was picturezed coz seriously i was bored throughout the movie..
    it may be because bansali sir has raised the bar in bajirao mastani..and i didn’t find it interesting. Rest Ranveer was superb ..and rightly said deepika was flat faced throughout the movie..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. While Ranveer was too good, I felt Shahid and Deepika were quite stony. They just looked dreamy in all the scenes. I also felt, they were trying to keep their eyes wide open all the time. It is to be watched for Ranveer only.

    Liked by 1 person

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