Bose : Dead / Alive ; Review



Director -Pulkit

Writer – Reshu Nath

Based on Anuj Dhar’s India’s Biggest Cover-Up

Genre – Biopic , Historical Drama

Creator – Ekta Kapoor

Players -Rajkummar Rao, Naveen Kasturia

Country of Origin-   India

Languages – Hindi , English


No. of Seasons -1

No. of Episodes-9

It is challenging to understand Subhas Chandra Bose because he carries a certain depth in his personality, thinking and execution of his ideologies.(Subhas Ke bojha shokto)

Ok, this review is exclusively excluded for Leftist fuckers (except the admirer of M.N Roy, respect to him) and Congress suckers (no no I’m not a bhakt).Sorry for using the cuss words…you will know the reason….

Rajkummar Rao, Surendra Rajan, and Sanjay Gurbaxani as Nehru, Gandhi and Bose-k himaanshu shuklaa

To all the Indians and rest of the viewers from other parts of the world, you can pick up any Indian text book and you will discover half page of description about this particular man. Gandhi has been credited to be the forerunner of Indian Independence, no was the action of Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army and the subsequent ripples across the docks of Royal Indian Navy(1946) in Bombay which gave us freedom. No need to believe the words of a lousy blogger like me. Please go through Anuj Dhar’s India’s Biggest Cover-Up and Shailesh Dey’s Ami Subhash Bolchi, you will get back up evidence for all the statements that have been stated above.

Ekta Kapoor’s Bose: Dead/Alive is an Indian Web series based on Anuj Dhar’s  controversial and bestselling book India’s Biggest Cover-Up which claimed that Subhas Chandra Bose did not die in a fabricated air crash on 18th August 1945, Taiwan. Mukherjee Commission which was investigating the case of Netaji’s disappearance also supported the view of Anuj Dhar’s theory.

The series traces the life, struggle and so called afterlife of one of the most charismatic heroes of the nation, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.On one hand, we see the rise of this enigmatic personality while on the other hand the web series feeds the audience with the sensational story of Netaji’s disappearance from Taiwan.


Rajkumar Rao with almost zero resemblance to the physicality of the great leader essays the titular role and amazes you in every frame. This is called the power of acting which makes you believe that the character is actually alive on your screen. He doesn’t try hard to play Bose, he is Bose over here. He is magnetic, he is witty and most importantly he is determined to reach his destiny, Rao is so natural as Bose. Subhas Bose never cared about the diplomacy of politics, Rajkumar Rao’s showcases such daring attitudes with every dialogue and action throughout each and every episode and yes he gets the bong diction perfectly.

The fictional character Darbari Lal essayed by the famed Pitcher’s actor Naveen Kasturia deserves a thumbs up for being a neutral narrator and an intelligent persona across all the episodes. He is an Indian serving in British Calcutta Police and almost untouched by a passion for India’s freedom. Patrelekha did her job perfectly as a colonially educated turned  revolutionary spirit. Anna Ador as Emile could have been much better in few of the scenes. Edward Sonnenblick as the IG of British Calcutta Police leaves a mark with his natural acting in the show. I am hoping to see more of his acting capabilities. The show boasts multilingual and multicultural cast and this mixed bunch of actors provides certain weight to the show.

The production design is the best till date in Indian television and Indian cinema , I am not joking..pause your screen go to Youtube video of any World War 2 movies will have a quick idea about the hard work involved in the furniture, dress , fabrics, cigarettes lighter, guns, curtains and many more.

The plot is based on the book by Anuj Dhar but it has taken certain dramatic liberties for the sake of it.The racy camera angles and unconventional jump cuts are praiseworthy and highly energizing to the core. If you miss something ; you might get tossed as the show demands your attention. The screenplay builds up Netaji’s larger than life personality filled with unbiased love for motherland , zero tolerance for dishonesty , hypocrisy , procrastination and lastly the passion of getting things done at any cost. Neo-noir cinema at it’s best, believe me, the slick editing is damn addictive.

Dr. G and Neel Adhikary’s penchant for rap music and fiery background score is just wow, you people deserve applause for creating such adrenalin pumping score throughout all the episodes. Subhas Bose is a rock star over here and 72 years after his disappearance he is still young, the music will make you feel that Bose is a rockstar.

The series will expose the hypocrisy of All India Congress and its futile attempt to gain independence. The viewers will witness the hypocrisy of Gandhism because Subhas Bose questions his ideology of nonviolence …if nonviolence was the motto, then why did Gandhi send so many Indian soldiers to fight a violent war for the British in World War 2? Does it pinch? Yeah in Dunkirk there were Indian soldiers also. That is Rajkumar Rao , that was Subhas Bose logical and hard hitting to the core. You might think Subhas took the aid of Hitler, it was a wrong step my dear friend, he had to choose between bad and worse…he chose the bad and British killed more people than Hitler. He played it like a game of chess, the only aim was to drive British away.

Check out the dialogues…

 “If he is alive and he does return ..who would be the Prime Minister of India ?”

(do check the reaction of Chacha Nehru)

“Congress ko sirf sarkar bananey mein interest hain , azadi mein nahin.”

In the end, the series will keep you lingering for more and more…… might start revisiting Indian history again …

Between fact and fiction…Netaji stays.

Don’t you dare miss the action and life of the most dangerous enemy of British Raj….

Download the it



Rajkumar Rao in every aspect

Fast-paced motion of the screenplay and hard-hitting plot by Keshu Nath

Excellent production design

Revealing some hard-hitting facts about Indian history

Detailed direction by Pulkit

Rocking music by Dr. G and Neel Adhikary

Real Life shooting locations.


Supporting cast could have been better

Bengal’s Bose – The Forgotten Hero was much more detailed ..this show overlooks some of the most daring voyages by Subhas Bose.

Chittaranjan Das, the mentor of Subhas was nowhere in the scene

I was looking for Rashbehari Bose and the hypocrisy of Indian Govt post Independence regarding Shawnawaz Commission and other stuff.

Netaji fled at the dead of night from his Calcutta home not in daylight in disguise of a Pathan Ziauddin Haque , not in western suit.

Subhas Bose seemed to be bit arrogant but it’s ok.

Ratings- 9.5/10

Trivia – The actress who essayed the role of Netaji’s sister-in-law also appeared in Benegal’s Bose-The Forgotten Hero.

Check out the trailer

Images – Images have been taken from the internet.


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