Ashutosh Javadekar’s Our Bond

13173700_1291097327573185_5672500123823756517_nLong ago I came across a path breaking character called Sabyasachi(it means ambidextrous) of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee,who could  perform almost anything,he was the epitome of multitasking personality
Now a jumpcut to 2012, I was slogging my way to classroom in the morning.I was late for Othello.There was a new Professor in the class in Levis Jeans(most of the Professors were either in Safari Suit or Formal wear) who was enjoying a hearty conversation with the students.He made Othello interesting(believe me very few English teachers can do justice to William Shakespeare) and our love for literature grew steadily.
Later on I came to know about the scholarship of this multifaceted personality. A reputed dentist by profession, a genuine lover of Language , a true blue scholar,a gifted researcher of musical discourse……
He has been earning rave reviews for his columns about music. Last year he came out with his highly accalaimed novel Mularamabh . I am talking about Dr Ashutosh Javadekar
Once he performed La Belle Dame sans Merci of John Keats in our class and out of curiosity I stumbled upon a rendition of Sant Tukaram by Dr Javadekar on Youtube.
Now he is here to win over the audience with his new music video known as OUR BOND.Well, I am stupefied by the smoothness of the whole music video. The bowdlerization has been of international standard, the concrete yet naturalistic setting of Singapore acts as a cologne in the music video.
The tune reminded me of the bona fide emotion of American Country that of John Denver. The rhythm is so grounded that it didn’t flicker even for the slightest moment.The dressing has been kept very casual which adds up to the mood.
Dr Ashutosh Javadekar is effortless in his role as a Vocalist.He has always been a versatile performer, now wonder he have done justice to the lyrics.
Keep it up Sir.You have always been a insurgent with your way, be it the unconventional way of Lecturing or breaking into an impromptu jinx while presenting a paper on musical discourse in Indian Literature
Check this out


1.Sabyasachi is a character in Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay’s  Pather Dabi (The Right Of Way)

2.La Belle Dame sans Merci is a famous poem of Sir John Keats.

3.Images from Ashutosh Javadekar’s FB profile.



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