Earned the National Film Award as the Best Hindi Film of the year…yaba yaba do

Debraj Moulick

DUM  LAGA KE HAISHA time…Enjoy timeimage

I have been a movie buff since the days of VCR…yeah remember those rectangular black cases which used to have FILM(Filam or Boi) inside it.The rental would vary from 20 rupees to 50 rupees for a particular period  which used to vary according to the status of the particular film’s box office collection.Also we had those audio cases known as Cassettes…and lastly Doordarshan with us.Yes i am talking about the glorious 90’s,when the weekends were meant for mainly Hindi cinemas,the time when Khans ruled..(they still do)..there were no facebook,no twitter…and more importantly no random movie reviews over the internet.But most importantly..the film music..(which used to be the crowd puller)..was dominated by a particular person,who have been credited with a Limca book of records for pulling off 27 recordings in a single day.Not only that,five back to back Filmfare awards for best singer(still unbroken)and lots…

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