Movie Review : DEADPOOL

Directed by Tim Miller
Based on Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld
Starring Ryan Reynolds,Morena Baccarin(she is so beautiful),Ed Skrein,T. J. Miller
Weekends are very important in life..but usually we tend to spend them by visiting genteel restaurants and faraway places within the conurbation.I,the laziest among all those bushed and worn out Mumbaikar like to spend my Sunday by lying down on the couch and enjoy fair share of movies and TV series on our laptop. But it was getting somewhat ritualistic and since change is the only constant in our nature, so me and my roomy opted out for BOOKMYSHOW and booked two tickets for one of the most wackiest movie of all time.
Yep I am talking about DeadPool,no not that mouth stitched avatar from one of the Wolverine movie,but a feel fledged Protagonist in this brilliant piece of cinematic piece.Well,Deadpool lacks every character of any of the X-Men or any Avenger Heroes and please forget about the Justice league characters…but wait a second, some traces of his characteristics can be found from the Suicide Squad Members.


So he is not a hero..but not even a villain.He is a wild mercenary ,who sudenly falls for a hot chick in a bar and after a brief courting period,he fishes out a proposal ring and duh..he has been diagnosed with not only a cancer but a terminal one.Ah,sounds familiar ? Doesn’t matter,now the hero undergoes a tremendous transformation(due to an experimental surgical procedure),his sexy body transforms into a beast like jackass ewww..I don’t know what to call it ?

He receives power like Hulk,badass style like Wolverine and an attitude like..well like no one else.It is the attitude of this Ryan Reynolds which makes the character so lively, so funky and such a pain in the ass piece of articraft to the superhero movie genre.
For the story and other deep shit about the movie-read Wikipedia.
Now the craft of the story telling is a dear piece of entertainment. You cannot ignore the innovative and wicked opening sequence where you come across phrases like a British Villain..a hot chick..a CGI Character etc. The movie starts with the red masked hero nodding to the tune of our Great Mukesh on a car driven by an Indian(You Americans stop identifying everyone as Asian…or we will start calling all the Canadians and Mexicans as Americans :P).While he befriends the driver named Bandhu(read Friend)and listen to his love story and the next while he bashes the bad guy all the way to hell.It is basically a revenge saga cum love saga and DeadPool doesn’t stand for justice(he is not Bruce Wayne) he enjoyed killing those fanatic people.Yeah we had a sure dose of flashback in this movie, believe me I loathed them.I relieved his present form, I mean an Avacado had an intercourse with another avacado like face of the hero and his out of the way hilarious anecdotes .
Ah acting was all the way Ryan Reynold’s movie,he nailed it with his super funky portrayal of this anti hero.
Thank God Reynold’s Green Lantern flopped. 😛
N.B: Don’t miss
1.Where DeadPool puts a magazine cutting of Hugh Jackman on his face.
2.Deadpool grows back his baby hand.
3.DeadPool’s moments with the blind lady.
4.Deadpool carrying his arms and ammunition in a Hello Kitty bag .
5.The opening sequence fight scenes
6.Ah..his nude body fight with Ajax.
7.The way he teases Angel Dust.
8.The hot scenes with Vanessa

9.That moment when the bullet got strucked in the ASS. 😛

Well in short, go and watch this piece of immensely entertaining movie.

Enjoy the trailer

Disclaimer : All the images have been taken from the Internet.


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