Scion of Ikshvaku- A Book Review.

Scion of Ikshvaku- A Book Review.

Long ago…I watched a Brad Pitt’s movie named Troy, where Eric Bana(read Hector) mouthed a legendary dialogue.

Hector: All my life I’ve lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her!

Well, Amish Tripathy’s newbie “Scion Of Ikshvaku” booms such impression just like the above quoted interchange.

Just like his previous series on Mahadev,here he takes on the archetypes, fuse them with colloquial language and genuine narrative technique style.

So the hero over here is Prince Ram..his lady love Sita and sidekick Laxman..(ah dear brother of Ram Bhaiya).

One of the most intersesting thing about Amish is that he never allows any magical or supernatural elements to cast a shadow over his mythogical stories ,instead he thrives upon the glory of rational thinking and grand usage of scientific technique.Amish Tripathy balances the role between a faithful & spiritual devotee and a modern critic who tries to analyze the epic as any piece of literary work or an actual events of the past,resulting in the logical explanation of the supernatural elements over there.

If you have the basic idea about the Saptkhand Ramayan..then you are going to relish this novel..and if not..then it’s a Déjà vu for you all.

You should be well aware of the term “NAGAS”..a race born with the uncanny body parts of the hindu mythical figures are part of this race ..for example..we have Jatayu(the saviour bird) and offcourse Hanuman(the Legendary one).

During the Shiva Trilogy, all readers came across the term “Ram Rajya” in the prequel,he is going to tell you ;how Lord Ram gave birth to Meluha?.The story is set during the era when Sapt Sindhu was under the patronage of SamratDasharath of the Raghuclan..(read King Ikshvaku).The story traces his fall at the hand of Ravaan and the subsequent rise of the distorted kingdom under the ostracised Prince Ram..(unlikeRamayan,Ram is not loved by all..he is blamed for the fall of his father)…The grand narrative follows how he becomes a great fella.The story gratifies across time and space.Amish very beautifully crafts the characters of Kaikeyi and Manthara(she is not a dasi over here) and the rebellious Bharat.

Ram,true to his legend is a man of words and a law abider..eventually he becomes a law enforcer.Laxman is probably the greatest supporting character ever..he is just true to the epic.

Like the previous instalment Amish portrays a very strong female Sati is SITA over here..and like her ,she is a skilled warrior.

Now for the plot , buy the book..I am never going to reveal it. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel and a bit more of Hanuman and Ravaan.Enjoy the trailer..enjoy the book.


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