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Name of the Book: THE OTHER END OF THE CORRIDOR<br />

Author: Sujata Rajpal<br />

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<span style=”font-size: large;”><b>The Story:</b></span><br />

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When your dreams are tainted with lies and deceit, you have no other choice but to walk to the

other end of the corridor

Leela has nothing extraordinary about her except the dream to become famous. Her desires

take wings when she gets married to a handsome boy from a respectable family in Delhi. But her dreams

are shattered even before they have a chance to take flight.

She happens to meet two friends from a long forgotten past, which infuses hope and opens new

avenues to realize her dormant aspirations.

Leela delves into previously unexplored paths of deception and forbidden passions that only

make her stronger.

In an attempt to rediscover herself, she falls in love with life and with herself but her life takes a

sudden turn again…

No matter what, Leela will continue to chase her dreams.

Where does this journey take her?

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About The Author 

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Sujata Rajpal 

Sujata Rajpal gave up her rewarding career as a Corporate Communication & PR

professional in an IT MNC to become a full-time author – so far the best decision of her life. Sujata holds

an MPhil degree in Economics and has studied Mass Communication from Panjab University,

Chandigarh. She also writes articles and short stories for publications and journals, such as Femina,

Deccan Herald, Star of Mysore. Her short stories have been published in E Fiction India and Women’s

Web. She is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys being a Toastmaster. She currently lives in Mysore.

Stalk her @

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