Suitable Songs

Music is a very devoted companion.The music system has been evolving constantly,from music by live musicians to Old Gramaphone Records and the more recently mobile phones or ipods. The device is getting handy and thus music can be taken anywhere.
When I get up in the lazy morning,I cuddle it while sitting over the pot,while travelling through the suburban locals..i enjoy the leisure hours I browse through the playlist.It relaxes my body..Thus choosing a playlist is very essential..there are no good songs or bad songs..just the suitable songs and rests are un acceptable..

So,let me share my current playlist with you go.

  1. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbr…)

The video is so much engrossing,it tickles your feelings..and a great collaboration of conceptual graffiti.
And Goteye..he is just too good to avoid.


2.Song: Boba Tunnel
   Movie: Chotushkone.

I don’t want to translate the entire song,but yes it speaks about those moments of love..companionship which is some of the Tunnel..A dark Tunnel..where eveything cedes into it the lovers dilemma..the hope for reunion..A heart wrenching composition.

Kudos to Anupam Ray,for his unconventional lyrics and fresh breeze of melody into Bengali Cinema.

3.Pink – funhouse – funhouse.

Husky voice..powerful tone..some hatred towards a cursed house..full of evil things in that house..and how Pink dumped the entire house.It is scary…it is enjoyable..and lovely beats.

4.Roja Instrumental – a tribute to A R Rahman by Paradigm Shift

Well Academy and Grammy Winner,A.R Rahaman’s one of the earliest creation..and probably the most loved one..Yes ..believe me..much ahead of the time..and a tune of a life time.It takes you to whole new level.Paradigm Shift played the instrumental version..(it is rocking) a tribute to the master.

Well thats it,  a quick thirty minutes..Enjoy the week..with nice music.


1.Suprio Das.

2.Tathagata Banerjee.

3.Image from


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