Shopping Online:Its a Man’s World

The online shopping industry in India has grown exponentially in the last three years, and newer players are giving market giants a run for their money. Nowadays, It is common to find a never heard of e-commerce company’s advertisement adorning the front page of your local daily. Thanks to this cut-throat competition, it’s the consumer that is making the best of the situation.
It’s a long-held belief that women are shopaholics while men simply resent it. However, recent studies prove otherwise. According to a study conducted by Google and Forrester Consulting, it is predicted that by 2016, the number of people shopping online in India will grow to an astounding 100 million out of which a majority are expected to be men. So the question of the hour is that how has e-commerce contributed in breaking the age old stereotype that men hate shopping?
Research: Many men like to conduct thorough research about their potential purchase. Online fashion stores for men allow the user to select from a wide range, read about the various features in detail and then narrow down their selection by comparing products based on price, availability and more!
Second opinion: One can easily share the URL of a product with a friend on Facebook or via e-mail. You know what they say; a bro’s opinion is ‘WORD’.


Size: Considering the limited space a physical store provides, chances are that more unconventional sizes like XL or XXL will not be available. This is where online shopping shines as the inventory is scattered among various dealers meaning more physical space for storage of goods and more sizes.
Choice: Suppose you go the mall, there is no way you’ll find the entire catalogue of products from all your favorite brands in a common store or even the same building. Whereas, online fashion stores like have an extensive collection of clothes, shoes, watches and perfumes from over 1,200 Indian and international brands under a single roof!
Sale: There is always a sale online. Amazing products are available at special discounts 24/7 throughout the year. Many sites offer lowest prices online on a vast array of products in order to beat the competition.


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Fashion tips: Most products available online are presented as part of a complete look. This gives the buyer an idea on how a certain item would look when paired with specific products or in a particular style. Such a thing is not possible in a shop.
Anywhere Anytime: Perhaps, the most important reason why men shop online is because they hate going from store to store and yet returning empty handed or dissatisfied. The ease of transaction provided by e-commerce sites is remarkable; you can shop at your convenience provided you have access to a smartphone or computer with an Internet connection.
Information: Recently, I had bought myself a pair of Puma shoes online. A little research revealed that Puma makes its shoes one size smaller. So I had to order size 9 sneakers whereas I normally wear a size 8.

These are just few of the many reasons why men are more confident than ever when placing an order online. And who knows, with the rapid advancements in the way e-stores conduct business, much exciting benefits can reaped from online shopping in the future.

Author’s Bio:
Vaibhav Kattar is a writer and musician working with India’s leading online shopping destination – He firmly believes that online shopping is the future and will soon take over as the primary mode of buying.

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