Dr APJ Abdul Kalam-To Sir With Love.


To Sir,

A grim day for the Indians,our beloved person Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is no more.I remember when I was in standard five(year 2000-2001),suddenly after the communal riot in Gujarat…there was a uproar in the media about the next President of India.

A Person with a delicately smiling face and an unique hairstyle became our President.Sweeping away another famous personality Laxmi Saigal(INA veteran) in the presidential race.

For the first time I saw his pic on the newspaper,I got drawn to his overall goodness in his face.He could make a sad person glow with positive energy with his endearing smile and motivational quotes.

Since I love collecting knowledge(out of the text),I was well aware about his contribution to India,his vision for 2020 and his faith upon us.


As  Kalam said that failures are essential for everyone,I have tasted failure several times.It was year 2012,I was all new in Pune..there was no apetite left in me to pursue anything in life.I was broken,bashed and beaten from inside.
The language was alien,the food was different and everything gave me a diasporic feeling(Now,Pune it is my love)



I wanted to pursue my studies in Literature, but somehow the passion..which is very essential for the study in arts was nowhere.

I was sitting all alone in the room,my new roomie was packing his bag and a book fell down from the cupboard,I picked it up,touched it on my forehead as a sign of respect and out of curiosity started reading it.

Finished it at one go,re read the entire book for nth time and out of extravagant encouragement that I received from that book I composed my first real poetry.

With poetry came passion..with passion came desire to study more…

The author gave me the reason to walk ahead,the push to the oblivion and ignited the suppressed fire(Kalam says we have divine power within us)..I don’t know, whether I have provided the proper wings to that fire..but your words have atleast make me believe in myself again and again.

It is very easy to condemn, but very difficult to stimulate a person.I am sure ,your visualization have shaped thousand lives..I am assured that your episodes of watching flights of birds across the sky of Rameshwaram beaches have inspired even more.

Rest in Peace Sir…You will be missed..but your words will be here till eternity.

PS: You enjoyed having idly and buttermilk….today I am going to have it again..if possible do visit Sir.

With Love.


1.Wings of Fire,APJ Abdul Kalam.

2.Lakshmi Saigal(INA Veteran).

Disclaimer: All the images have been taken from the internet.


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