The First Lecture

Life is like an ecg machine.It is full of trajectory motions.The best part about living in Mumbai is that,you do everything with a certain kind of velocity.No where to where to sit and relax without speed.People over here are speedy ones.They travel with speed,eat with glory,work hard and yes enjoy their life to the fullest.Yep..that too with speed.
Basically I am a very lazy person…I laze around on weekends..but along with speed.Nothing can exist over here without speed.
Last year i completed my masters and enrolled in a research course in University of Mumbai..and then got a job as an Asst Prof in an Engineering college over here.Almost for half a month I was sitting idle,either having chai and wada in canteen..or pretending to read(a bit of real study also)..and wagera wagera..untill last friday when I got the class routine.My lecture was scheduled for Monday.
I have presented papers in Seminars,have blabbered like Parineeti Chopra,given gyan to my friends like Dr Sheldon Copper..but facing the third year Engineering students ..60 of them,.. was bit tough.
I have chosen this profession because I admire my teachers , I respect their knowledge and more importantly I want to pay my Rishi Wrin(the debt of the Rishi,which one needs to pay by giving education to the mass).Also this is the real profession which provides us with the title of ‘SIR’..both in and out of context.

Any way,for the time being I am staying at small room with a school friend in Navi Mumbai. We have rented a flat …and I was quiet busy with the collection of deposit amount and shifting process..beside that I was perspiring because of the first lecture.I couldn’t eat anything….whatever I went out….courtesy to VOMIT .. đŸ˜›

The day arrived,got up at around 6:30 a.m..took a into a civilised formal dress,booked the ticket and after a long war through the train journey arrived at my college. I didn’t consume any kind of food,thought of having a cup of cutting chai(tea)..but kept aside the plan , owing to my terrible stomach condition.

Somehow I managed to motivate myself towards the classroom , I climbed up the stairs…no elevator because there is no shortcut to reach the destiny. Oh my god,it was like a scene from the “Saving private Ryan”(confused half engineers everywhere ) many students in front you..from various stratas of the society and more importantly all of are intelligent  :P.

I always thought it was very easy to stand on the other side of the desk..I understood how tough it was…finished my water bottle..prayed to my God..and the moment it started..I somehow couln’t stop(as I have been blabbering since pre historical days )….it was a smooth one..smooth like the Mumbai Pune Highway was a speedy one. đŸ˜€

Ok going for the next lecture.

(I have just covered just 30% from the said module…rest of the time I discussed Game Of Thrones,Breaking Bad , Avengers…recent Football leagues  )

Brahmanand (the great actor..a college Prof in real Life ) delivering lhis lecture.
Brahmanand (the great actor..a college Prof in real Life ) delivering lhis lecture.

2 thoughts on “The First Lecture

  1. Nitin Chaudhari

    best of what is going is the same thing as well as same problem and patterns with many different levels of lecturer. In and around this Asian countries. Because there are some very interesting group of students. Who happen to come for our lectures…

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