The Great Indian Novel By Shashi Tharoor,A Book Review

the-great-indian-novel-original-imadhxkvzpqcg6kvHave you gone through The Mahabharat…I mean The Great Indian Epic?.Did you find the history of Indian Freedom struggle to be tiresome…and If you want to enjoy..both of them..then you have to read The Great Indian Novel of Tharoor.Critics often slammed Tharoor for being a One Novel Wonder..but believe me this novel in itself a Wonder.Here Tharoor takes the story of India’s freedom struggle and recasts it with characters from the great epic

The Author with his Art
The Author with his Art

Mahabharata.There is a parallel narration of the tale of Jaya and that of Indian freedom struggle.Later on Ashwin Sanghi of Krishna Key fame used it.So you come across some great characters like Bhisma Peetamah, Dhritarashtra, Maharaj Pandu.So you might wonder who are these characters during Indian Freedom struggle, well Gandhi is the father figure of Indian political movement, obviously he is Bheesma Peetamah, Pandit Nehru was an blind idealist thus Dhritarashtra and Subhas Chandra Bose, the Valiant Indian Political Hero(many leaders were there but Heroes were rare) have been painted as Maharaj Pandu.I came across a beautiful poem where Tharoor have showcased Bose as a Patriot of the Patriots not a Fascist, a rare and true gem of its instance.The hungry literary people would have multiple literary device such as Puns, metaphor, allusions, oxymoron, vibrant imagery to be gulp upon.It had been referred as Historical Novel, but i prefer to call it as Mytho-Historical Satirical Dark Comedy…a fiction.

The Great Indian Novel is as insightful
as it funny, it offers a new way of
interpreting the events of yesteryears.Special mention to the character of Draupadi whose advent changes the fast paced narration towards a kind of Scott’s void (noticed in Ivanhoe, Kenilworth).The reader will live through Gangaji’s ideology, his movements, Duryodhoni’s political mind.Indira is Priyo Duryodhoni, the political heir to the Power saga.The narrator the Ved Vyas is Incorrigible when he analyses the makes you laugh and provokes you to think.The narrative is cynical, it is layered and practically very much Gandhian.As The Indian Express have said and I quote ,“Every
sane Indian should buy this book”!! So go for it and enjoy the greatest story ever told along the frame of Indian History…..

P.S-Don’t miss nomenclature like Mohammed Ali Karnah (Jinnah, Muslim League),
ManiMir (Cash Mir-kashmir, apple of Discord), Snup-ing, the
capital of Chakra ( PEEKing, the
Chinese capital,Indo Chini Relation)

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