A Book Review of Samit Basu’s Turbulence

Samit Basu’s Turbulence

Basu's Turbulence
Basu’s Turbulence

Samit Basu’s novel ‘Turbulence’ is a turbulent ride of 337 pages.and it delights the readers to the core and teaches a lesson ‘With great Powers comes great Responsibility’.No this is not a Peter Parke flick.but much bigger, a magnum opus of Superheroes.
The book is an amalgamation of X-men series along with The Matrix and The Avengers and ofcourse Heroes,but it is highly original{Desi} in case of narrative and the plot construction.Samit Basu,Kolkata born Novelist exite you ,tickles you and in the end Kickass the Evil in a Grand style.But the best thing about this book,is its humour quotient….sometimes its is black humour.
The Author takes the curiosity quotient of the reader to a great height, the tale tells a tale of some passengers on BAFlight142 from London to Delhi.All of them are blessed with Super powers in flight,Aman is blessed with inbuilt internet connections,Uzma with Charm to make others obey her,Tia-she can duplicate herself like Mitosis cell division into several Tias-multiple existensialism,Sher –transform into a human-tiger state{remember Rahul Roy of Junoon},Vir the handsome IAF pilot,who can fly without aircraft,beside it we have the antagonist Jai-the villain worth Saluting because of his skill and courage..his strength..beside that we have a person who creates Mob Fury..also there are side kicks like Anima,Zothanpuii,Sniper,Premlata,Ilusionnist,Mukesh-the con artist..The characters are from all over India,except Uzma who is a Briton Pakistani
The narrative takes place from Midair in Pakistan,to the hustling Mumbai-digging the beak into the Bollywood lifestyle to the elegnt kahmir valley,reaching zenith in South Goa beach from where it ultimately reaches the climax in LONDON-Basu’s favourite place
Basu’s fusion of recent(2010) headlines of sports{read Ipl,Sourav ganguly’s reference when he was deceptively dropped from Indian cricket team},movies,terrorist attacks, themes of Hollywood-Korean movie streaks are superb
He also makes sarcasm of prototyping Indian Culture by the west{see the streak of post colonialism}.
The nomenclature like Napoleon of Nariman point,Beast of Bandra East are witty and cracking at the same time.The thrill in the pages are worth mentioning,he is never complex,he tells a complex tale of superheroes with sheer simplicity.Pains of superheroes,their psychological revelation is praiseworthy.
Sub-plots of lovestories are weak points of the book,may be the book won’t serve the apetite of too much intellectual class..but they won’t be able to ignore.

the book cover

Sumit Basu’s novel is India’s answer to west about Cool Modern day Superheroes.

Aman’s sheer brilliance,and his efforts deserves a high five,so as Tia’s multiple avatar,and Vir’s fighting spirit-but you will love the cunning Villain Jai-who dreams of making Jaipur{he thinks it is named after him}the global capital punishing Pakistan and China for their enemity with India,deserve kudos.After all who doesn’t want their own nation to the supereme of all?
The Battle episode in Goa looks amateurish in parts but the final battle in London gets a thumbs up (for his detailing of cityscape).He is inspired by Marvel and D comics …and he admits it throughout the novel.
The plot may not be very fresh for the sciencefiction novels,but what draws the attention is Characterization.Basu excelled in introducing every characters in the book,and highlighting the main characters,you will fall in love with the characters,and they will be in your heart surely
The superheros are post-modern,witty,smart-the powers are apt and unique in implementations,and too loud,his narrative is very much scientific in convincing the readers.
At the end you will die to have more,yes you will tempted to have more of Turbulence in your mind
Read it with heart and a free mind..too much analysis will spoil the fantastic fun while reading.Ok this was my first review ever.. 😛

Do check out his latest release “The Adventure of Stoob”


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