Piku-A Movie Review

Genre- Comedy,Road Movie
Starring- Amitabh Bacchan,Deepika Padukone,Irfaan Khan,Jishu      Sengupta,Raghuvir Yadav and Mousumi Chatterjee.
Screenplay- Juhi Chaturvedi
Director- Shoojit Sircar


The pair of Chaturvedi and Sircar is so charming that you fall in love with the storyline.Have you ever thought of a film regarding Sperm donation(Vicky Donor) ?.Eww never,but yes we loved it….This time they come up with another big EWWWW….. it is called Potty.Seriously are they nuts ?
Ofcourse without insane ideas you cannot come up with such a piece of creativity.
The Craft of Piku
The film revolves around the Banerjees,i.e Piku and Amitabh Bacchan.Deepika in and as Piku is a treat to watch,she looks  every bit of Probashi Bangali (Bengali)  and Amitji(Bhaskar Banerjee) as an eccentric generian(obsessed with his constipation) is the volcano of the film,he screams at his daughter,gets anxious about his Blood Pressure,fights with kamwali bai(maid servant) ,discusses his health with the curly haired Doctor..(our very talented Raghuvir Yadav)…oh yes he keeps all the salt pots away from the kitchen. :P.Beneath his confident and comical nature…he is insecure about being alone.
Enter the scene,we haveDeepika’sconfidante Jisshu Sengupta who guides her perfectly as a friend..his cool and calm attitude helps Deepika to grow as a character(read crazy one) in the first half.Those who have seen Jisshu Sengupta in Bengali films are well aware of his acting talent..he didn’t let us down this time either.Keep it up Sirjee.
Well Irfaan as Rana Chowdhury ,at his usual best..I mean how can an actor be so effortless ? Since the days of Chandrakanta( a hindi fantasy T.V series) to the well acclaimed Paan Singh Tomar and tasty Lunchbox,Irfaan is a boon to the World Of Cinema.Check out his subtle chemistry with Deepika and yes also with Bacchan. Mousumi Chatterjee makes a comeback with her Bengali styled Hindi in this film..Choobimashi was tailormade for her.Bachhan and Mousumi Chatterjee  performed flawlessly throughout the entire film.
The journey from Delhi to Kolkata via Benaras reminded me of John Denver’s
“Country roads..take me home,to the place I belong”.
Anupam Roy as music director as well as the singer is like a fresh breeze,Sircar’s caricature of the claasic Uttam Kumar song like “Ei poth jodu na sesh hoy” was funny but it might have hurt some Bengali audience for sure.
The film appeals because of the uncomplicated narrative technique,flawless performances and above all for showcasing the value of one roots..the origin.
What is the denotation of our subsistence without our Roots ?…entirely nothing.Thats where the comic screenplay of Piku takes  a serious turn and yes it hits you hard.
One of the best film of the year..no one can match the simplicity of this movie…Deepika take a bow…You have come a long way.A must watch…for everyone.And Shoojit ji…what is the next topic of your film ?.
Moments To Watch out.
1.The scene where Irfaan explains the scientific mechanism of Indian Styled Pot and Irfaan draws a sketch to explain it…(hilarious).
2. Deepika discovers a sharp knife in the car,and the melodrama of Bhaskar ji begins.
3.The cycle ride of Bacchan across the streets of  colonial Calcutta( Kolkata) …just awesome.
4.When Bacchan accuses the maid servant …for stealing Phenyl.
5. The climax of the film.Don’t forget the Legendary Chair
6.The picturisation of Bezubaan and Journey song.

A Note of Thanks
Sarthak Banik

Debraj Moulick


9 thoughts on “Piku-A Movie Review

  1. sundarivenkat

    Excellent review Debraj. You have brought out the highlights perfectly. I also gave the film 5 stars. Loved it 😀


  2. rima ghosal

    dada plz korect d name …it “bhaskor ” n u didnt mentioned deepika saying “paacha” 😛 jokes apart excellent review of urs (y) thumbs up

    Liked by 1 person

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