Gautam Buddha or the GOD Buddha


Buddhang Sharanang Gacchami

The whole world is celebrating Buddha Purnima…an auspicious time for all the Buddhist people around the globe.It is indeed a great time…a call to walk on the path of Gautam Buddha…the wonder Prince of Kapilavastu.Siddharta attained enlightment under the Bodhi tree and the spiritual deja vu known as Buddhism began.He gave importance on the core concept of non-attachment to the wordly ties and finding the inner good. Buddhist people are the most peaceloving communities that I have ever come across.I have been through the holy text “Tripitak” …and with my narrow and limited knowledge I have understood that…the Concept of GOD does not exist in Buddhism….no ritualistic practise also…but still Gautam Buddha is worshipped as a god…                                                  According to my esteemed Prof…If you visit  Japan….you will see large idols of Buddha…and few Hindu Gods have been given lower status..(smaller statues).. or semi-God…
  Any Buddhist scholar please explain…. This is a curiosity…. The World needs more people to abide by the principles of Great Buddha.

Debraj Moulick


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