T for The Book Club


It was one of those laziest day during the humid summer of 2014 in Kolkata,I was doing my usual stuff…i.e doing nothing.I was in a vacation mood(as usual)…doing  almost nothing(writing poetry and some outline for my novel),just watching three to four movies at a strech on my new lappy.It was a slice of heaven….but I was bored..I was tired of being lazy.
Suddenly there was a mail from my friend Aparajita Dutta….. “Would you like to review books ? “ .

I was bit perplexed,because we had some creative difference regarding book reviews in one of the literary magazine..(that did not bother our bond)… so i was bit puzzled.

I just asked her “Are you sure ?”
She was at her best..(very serious in her work)….I got a reply “Yep…but make sure, you review it with sincerity..not like a lazy one… in such a way..that no one can complain about it  “..then she asked me to go through a mail forwarded to me.

I replied to Madam Rubina Ramesh….and the process followed where  she came across my lousy blog “ debrajdpaideia’s blog”…. and I got Adite Banerjee’s Trouble Has A New Name….
The second innings of my review hours began with a bang,i gave my first draft to Aparajita…where she criticised my writing again and again..and the result was…a  refined review ….with no place for mistakes..(but always a place for betterment).
Rubina Madam was pleased with the finished product..and thus my journey with The BookClub began…I have irritated Rubina with so many technical details..like a kindergarden teacher..she answered all of my queries. I have read some of the best selling authors  from the present time.I have come across some great bloggers,some writers….and most importantly some authentic  booklovers.In short love you BookClub..you have been a great motivating factor .

Now I am looking for Film reviews over here  😛 (what do you say Ahana Mukherjee ? )…


The best thing about Book Club…encouraging honest reviews…with lots of positivity.
This post is dedicated to all the persons related to The Book Club…ok naming some of them like Ruchi Singh,Sundari Venkatraman,Aparajita Dutta,Ahana Mukherjee,Devika Fernando,Inderpreet ,Rubina Ramesh and many more….Waiting for another glorious year of good literature over here….
I have learnt a lot from you people.I have enjoyed a lot…this is just a small token of love and appreciation to you all..and above all to the The Book Club.

P.S – Feeling lazy again..waiting for Marijuana Diaries 😀

Debraj Moulick


19 thoughts on “T for The Book Club

  1. I love to fight with you and I will keep on fighting with you .. but this : She was at her best..(very serious in her work) :O hahahah.. I can’t stop laughing… Such a fame I fave in the industry . 😛 lol.. thanks Debu .. 🙂 keep on writing, reviewing and all the lazy creative stuff 😀

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  2. Hey, looks like I am a bit different 😇, jumping in to comment without any mention of my name…. Hahaha… No worries… I’m always positive. But liked your note… Keep reviewing Debraj Moulick 😇😊

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