L For Laziness

“I am an evening person in this morning World”   -Garfield                    

Garfield-Symbol of Laziness

L for Laziness…thats the only thing which came to my idle brain.It is like my soul.Laziness might be a characteristic trait for sociology students..but for me..it is everything.. There is an endearing term in my own language…known as LYADH..Laziness is its closest cognate.Being Lazy defines me…i feel lazy to get up from my bed…my toughest hours for the day are those when I need to Poop,need to brush and the most horrific thing…when I have to take to an Abogahon(a shower)…you know showers are for lazy lasses like us.We don’t need to open the tap,fill the bucket and then pour water…o what a senile task.I mean if i am so clean(Yeah i am 😛 ) why should i take bath.The only time i keep my laziness aside..is the food time.Oh you can bet…i eat like a moth…voraciously all the way to the glory.I feel lazy to go out for shopping and even talking over phone(so all the girls have given upon me)but yeah I do enjoy watching movies and going through books …and slowly observing things around me. Wait Debraj,am i actually writing about Laziness?.No no Debraj,you are being an antonym to the whole idea of being LAZY.image

..ah i have written too much about Laziness………………….feeling lazy…..Enjoy Lazy Folks……( I have a dream..one day my name will be a synonym to the word LAZY). I  feel tired to format my write ups….So most of my writings are hapazard to the core.

Debraj Moulick


10 thoughts on “L For Laziness

  1. Sreyashi Gupta

    Laziness plays a great role in all our life. A significant part indeed that is loved by most of us.. can’t be defined but enjoyed at times.. Hehehe!! Great write up!
    Keep posting more Mr. LAZY DEBRAJ 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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