J for Jab We Met


J for Jab We Met(2007)…(movie with a code-mixing title)      One of the most romantically enjoyable movie of our generation.Starring Kareena Kapoor as Geet and Shahid Kapoor as Aditya.It is considered one of the best of the talented Imtiaz Ali.Fresh story line,engaging screenplay(mind the twists),mindblowing music by Pritam and lastly the powerhouse performance by Kareena Kapoor…(recieved filmfare award for best actor female).I would like to call this movie as a Road-Romance-Drama.The lead pair meet on the train to Bhatinda from Mumbai,experience some crazy episodes,misses the train only ending up to discover the rural beauty of Rajasthan…and finally reaching the desired destination in Punjab.On their way,the ever charming Geet changes the life of Aditya.Aditya is a troubled soul,battling emotional turbulence,a bad breakup and other family issues including a great loss in his bussiness.But everything came on track…after the lovely ride with the jolly good Geet.But everything in Geet’s life turns upside down.Adi tries to help Geet this time…and the climax is to look out for.One of the most beautifully crafted passionate scene ever.Kareena was all over the film,it is really a treat to watch Kareena from a happy go lucky Shikni transforming to a pathos stricken school teacher.The transformation has been brilliantly essayed…check out for Rashid Khan’s song “Aaoge jab tum oh Sajna”….It is one of the rare feat..when a costar actually helps to grow another actor.Shahid does it….helping Kareena to grow through out the movie.All of those,who missed the movie…try catching it up.A comming of the age.A crazy quicky love tale.                    HIGHLIGHT                                        1.Kareena mouthing this one       “Sikhni hoon main Bhatinda ki”     2.Shahid and Kareena running away from a hotel from a Police raid.                                       3.Kareena missing the train for the second time.

Debraj Moulick


12 thoughts on “J for Jab We Met

  1. JWM is a refreshing rom-com comedy which was delightful. I remember laughing loads when I watched the movie for just 40 bucks at Eros, Churchgate. Kareena was so refreshing and one of her best performances, so far:) Imtiaz Ali is a magician.

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