I for Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford in and as Indiana Jones

I for Indiana Jones,the ultimate name for action-adventure and more importantly kickass knowledge.To all those students who think history is boring…..bitch please…you haven’t heard of Indy.Indiana Jones is a legendary character(perhaps the best)… who has got a Doctorate(Phd) and in an oxymoron way,a Colonel in U.S.A army.Yep you heard that right,he is an alloy of extremely different traits.A bibliophile,professing history in College and a hardcore archarologist .Archaeology for him …is to go out in the wild and to dig deep into the earth…not the bookish one.Developed by George Lucas and Steven Speilberg for the 1981 movie titled Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.The movie is considered as the greatest action adventure movie of  all time.Essayed by Harrison Ford,the movie won critical and commercial success throughout the world.In all the four films,Harrison Ford won rave reviews and so is the direction by Speilberg.What draws me is the periodic treatment of the film,the time span generally ranges from the end of WW1 to the WW2,in one of the scene,our Indy brushes across the German leader Hitler.Indy has got an Indian connection too,Amrish Puri brilliantly essayed the antagonist in the movie Temple of Doom.(but they have showcased Indians as Savages,Godess Kali as the evil death God…and Indians eating snake and other kind of Barbarism- thats the Western Perception about India….believe  me they still do it…In Big Bang Theory-Dr Sheldon Cooper said that he cannot terrorize an Indian like Dr Raj Koothrapali with snakes…they still consider India-a land of Snake Charmers)…anyway..Indy appeared in t.v serials and video games and his latest movie was Kingdom of Crystal Skulls(2008).He has been raging success and a cult figure. You can go weak on his physical stature,strongly built…wide arms and immense control over his bull whip.Yep he is a genius when it comes to his whip.But the most important thing about him is his knowledge about the ancient things.Dr Jones has got immense presence of mind(during an atomic bomb explosion,he saves himself by getting into a Lead Refrigirator)….So apart from loving this hero…deep down you develop a sense of admiration and respect. 😀 …Go Indy Go.                                       PS: Indy is afraid of Snakes :P….image from Net

Debraj Moulick


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