G for Gandhi


G for Gandhi,I mean Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi…fondly known as Bapu or the father of Nation.A struggling lawyer from Gujrat,working at Tolstoy farm in the distant South Africa suddenly became a person of national interest.It is indeed a rare phenomenon,how he became a popular leader of our natio?Simple he understood the nerve of the nation.We are a multicultural land,ruled by the Brahmin and Khatriya classes,British Officers and Other Congress Leaders tried to please them,but left a greater fraction unattended.Gandhi,after returning from Africa,traversed across the nation and his sharp observation made him realise the greater truth.So he addressed the agricultural minds of the agricultural country.He worked for the downtrodden…solved the problems of our farmers and daily labourers.The result was that,he became Bapu,the protecting father.He became a mass leader.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose once said that there is no popular leader like  Gandhiji…but he failed to understand the character of his enemy..(will come to that later)…On his call,the nation began Non-Cooperation movement,a huge success but the most striking feature is the non-violent characteristic.No other world leader have worked upon the ideology of Non-violence in a such grand way.Our world needs a figure like Gandhi…again..who can win the enemy with love.But his theories are not free from flaws but it has got its heart at the right place.

Debraj Moulick


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