E for Emotions Recollected In Tranquility

E for Emotions Recollected in Tranquility


Yesterday I was thinking,what should i write about E,I thought of the alien flick E.T,also today is the resurrection of Christ as it is Easter  Sunday…even appreciation of Ek Ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga….then I thought of going back to my literature  roots.There have been numerous theory in English literature,one  stabbing  the other.But the most innocent one (according to me) is Wordsworth’s theory of the Romantic age.Along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge,in 1799 A.D he authored the book “Lyrical Ballads” , a bible for the romantic authors like Shelley,Keats,Byron and yes William Wordsworth himself.
Now his theory reads somewhat like this
“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings,it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity”
….what does it mean? It tells us about the core concept of romantic ideology..no no it does not mean coochie cooing with the opposite sex.It has a far greater meaning,it can be termed as going back to your golden days..or moments and penning down them with the help of inner eyes..read mind.Yes you cannot take the help of Google,Wikipedia..whatever is there..you are going to plunge deep down in your mind ..swim across those places..gather the pearls and type them down in your  Microsoft…That is romanticism.You like to go away from the mundane and materialistic daily life.You are actually fed up with the daily chores,you want a remedy..you wish to go back to your childhood days.Often the well settled people in life says.. “Oh i miss my childhood”…”College was better,job sucks”…and then you visit your past through old photographs or recollect some good old memories.You tend to dwell in a state of trance..that is trance. Now don’t term this ideology as an escapist one.Don’t you think all of us like to visit our past,whether working,whether having group chit chat..and more importantly while writing?..most of the great works in literature  visit their heydays and reminisce them in silence..Shall i name them… Charles Dicken’s David Copperfield, Joyce’s  Ullyses,…two of the greatest novels of all time…even the most gory novels or movies..traces the journey of the main protagonist in a romantic manner.Every poetry lover pours over Daffodils,Ode to West Wind,Eve of St Agnes,Lake Isle of Innisfree,Kubla Khan,Solitary Reaper….here some times the author speaks about escape from urban life,some goes to the mythical past..some want to journey towards the fantasy world..and some want  to remember the lonely reaper in the field….all reminicise..all enjoy and above all recollect them in tranquility.It is a call being back to the nature…natural dwellings….more importantly the natural state of mind.Now accept it,we are the most corrupt generation ever,we know everything in and out ,still we enjoy them.We relish in the cunning nature of the villains,somewhere down inside,we are getting evil…Purge is needed..and being romantic is the only way towards MOKSHA..(read Salvation)…Love life..love yourself..above all be a romantic.Think of past…think of the uncorrupted times.Don’t you like to loose yourself?…Abandon those who provokes not to dwell in nostalgia…they don’t have emotions…human have emotions..nothing else
There is a suppressed romantic being inside each of us…we all love Period Flicks … we all love Pink Floyd and Beatles.. 😛 Lastly think of Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69

Debraj Moulick


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